The Twilight Zone on Earth

Sep 16, 2020 by

As fanged butterflies rip up our nervous stomachs as we anticipate the re-opening of schools on Monday, there’s no time like the present to be nostalgic.

The DOE’s school re-opening script was lifted from a Twilight Zone episode that was reportedly recently discovered in the basement vault at the former Tweed Courthouse. That’s according to a source more reliable than the DOE’s press office. “We can neither confirm nor deny that possibility.  It is being researched”, they say.

Rod Serling would have been a conscientious objector to being an agent for an Agency so bizarre.  Even the twilight zone has its limits.

The botched promise of a smooth start of this chillingly wacky school year has inadvertently proselytized on behalf of the homeschooling movement.
That’s unfortunate.

A highly organized and richly funded anti-public school movement has existed for years but stagnated in most parts of the country because it made no sense except to extremist ideologues whose positions on a variety of social,political and economic issues include hysterical ignorance and phobia of  government. 

But now, some people who would never in the past would have considered homeschooling as a viable possibility are doing so, because the solutions implemented by the mayor and chancellor don’t appear so either.
Homeschooling has always been an accepted part of public education, but in the form of parental engagement with the school, not as a replacement.  Lessons learned in school classrooms should be reinforced at home.  

A student’s school and home should be partners, not competitors.  Homeschooling is a legitimate supplement and complement to our public schools, which despite their present state of trial,tribulation and shakiness, remain by far the bastions of preferred quality education.

Kids do best in brick and mortar schools.  But the policy-makers that rule them are housed in the vapors of  The Twilight Zone. 

With ventilation.

Ron Isaac

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