The Two-Pronged Re-Education of Our Young

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Re-EducationCherie Zaslawsky – Much has been written about Common Core, the set of new national educational standards that, in practice, amounts to a national curriculum, as teachers will be forced to teach to the standardized tests. But Common Core, as dangerous as it is for anyone wanting to see freedom and free thinking preserved in our country, and while probably the most blatant and egregious example of its kind, is only the most recent in a long list of national “educational” programs primed to both dumb down and indoctrinate our young. Perhaps we should remember what Hitler himself, who promptly took over education in Germany, infamously stated: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” We know the tragic results of that strategy all too well.

What we’re seeing in America is, of course, different from the creation of the aspiring Übermensch. Indeed, it may seem benign or innocuous at first glance. What, then, are some of the qualitative changes in our students’ classrooms? Instead of being taught the basics in time-honored fashion, students are taught to focus on feelings rather than facts. They are given less and less sophisticated literature to read. They are encouraged to make snap judgments about complex issues without having any historical perspective. They are led to believe that their opinions—the untutored opinions of children and young teenagers—are as valid as those of researchers, scholars, experts, scientists, historians, and mature, educated adults who have studied the issues in depth. They are being taught that feelings and opinions trump facts.

On top of this degradation of the fundamentals of a sound education, students not taught to think for themselves readily succumb to indoctrination. And what form does that indoctrination take? Simple: school kids are being groomed to be “global citizens” in a utopian “One World Order” where the “selfishness” of capitalism and private property ownership is happily replaced by, well, global serfdom—but they aren’t apprised of that last part of the equation. They’re told we will all live in peace and harmony happily ever after.

But they are also taught to be passionate about a few things. They’re being taught to care a great deal about: animals! The plight of poor animals is constantly being thrust upon them, as well as the sad plight of: the earth! They are very big on “saving the planet”—without understanding even the most rudimentary facts about the earth and its atmosphere, why and how it sustains life, not to mention the beneficial role of the greenhouse effect, or why carbon dioxide is essential to both plant life and human beings, etc. But they do know a few things. They know how important it is to: “reduce, reuse and recycle!” This is their mantra, and it hardly strains credulity to imagine a day in the not too distant future when these youngins start turning in their freer thinking parents for not throwing plastics into the proper bin.

What else transpires in the schools? One of the new fetishes is the discovering and prevention of: bullying. Now, no one likes a bully, or being bullied, but something else is going on here. First, the “bullied” are encouraged to see themselves as victims. And the “experts” are employing psycho/behaviorist techniques to get these “victims” to “use their words” rather than fight back, even though a good punch in the nose might be more effective. Instead, students are being trained into passivity. Hmmmm….

Or is this newfound vigilance regarding bullying and supposed aggressive behavior about something even more sinister? Consider the case of Justin Carter, the Texas teen jailed over a facetious Facebook comment. Here’s a condensed version of a Huffpost article from July 2013 on Justin’s predicament:

“He’s very depressed, very scared, and … concerned that he’s not going to get out,” Carter’s father, Jack, said in an interview with CNN Tuesday. “He’s pretty much lost all hope.”

Carter, 19, was arrested in February of this year following an argument he had on Facebook regarding “League of Legends,” an online video game.

“Someone had said something to the effect of ‘Oh you’re insane, you’re crazy, you’re messed up in the head.’” “To which [Justin] replied ‘Oh yeah, I’m real messed up in the head, I’m going to go shoot up a school full of kids and eat their still, beating hearts,’ and the next two lines were ‘lol and jk’ [all sic].”

Despite the teen’s insistence of “lol” and “jk” — internet shorthand for “laughing out loud” and “just kidding,” respectively — a woman who came across the comment on Facebook failed to see the humor. She alerted police after realizing Carter lived near an elementary school. On February 13, a judge authorized a search warrant. A warrant for Carter’s arrest came one week later, reports WPTV.

Given recent school-related violence, the threat was taken seriously, meaning Carter has been charged with making a “terroristic threat,” a felony that carries up to an eight-year prison sentence. His bail: $500,000, an amount his family can’t pay, thus keeping him behind bars.

“Without getting into the really nasty details, he’s had concussions, black eyes, moved four times from base for his own protection,” Jack elaborated on Justin’s current condition in jail. “ He’s been put in solitary confinement, nude, for days on end because he’s depressed. All of this is extremely traumatic to this kid. This is a horrible experience.”

Even though some anonymous good Samaritan posted bail for Justin, he will still have to stand trial as a supposed “terrorist.”

But the alleged bullies are not the only ones our snoopy vigilantes are attempting to sniff out. They are also busy reeducating: Children of all ages are now being taught to snoop and tell. One anti-bullying program, Utterly Global Bullying Prevention, has a term for this: “Activating the Bystander.” Hmmmm. The woman who reported young Justin to the police for posting a silly tongue-in-cheek reply on the internet is a perfect example of an “activated busybody”—I mean “bystander.” Amazingly, our country was able to thrive for 200 years without any bureaucrats, school officials and the like, virtually legislating against normal childhood aggressive behaviors. Children were left to figure out social dynamics on their own. Through trial and error, one of the all-time best teachers, they learned when, how and whether to stand up to a particular bully. This served to build character, especially when reinforced with the values of courage and integrity being taught at home and in churches and synagogues. Of course outrageous bullying would always come to light and school officials would intervene. But who is to draw the line between harmless pecking order dynamics on the playground, and actual abusive bullying? Who gets to define what dangerous bullying is? Is Justin Carter a dangerous violent bully? If the state of Texas seriously entertains that possibility, we are in trouble.

This new, national anti-bullying movement, which is catching on like wildfire, may make our schools more like behavior modification detention centers than places of learning. After all, as mentioned above, our schools today have all but abandoned academics for pseudo-psychological behaviorist retraining. Students’ attention is directed to emotions and feelings with special focus on: self-esteem, depression, multicultural acceptance of everyone and everyone’s perspectives equally and non-judgmentally—including homosexuals, bisexuals, and transsexuals (all of which sexual permutations will have to be carefully described to your 6-year-old)—and now, on the finer points of bullying, including cyber-bullying, which means monitoring your child’s emails and FaceBook account. I can imagine how stressful school will be for these youngsters—constantly on the watch for classmates who are looking downcast, sad, sullen, depressed, angry, dominating, etc., and who must be “helped” and/or reported to the authorities, while stifling their own emotions and censoring their own emails, just in case. Ironically, making schools “safe” for everyone comes at a rather high cost: that of freedom and individual expression.

Odd that today’s students are being taught bullying is wrong, since they are simultaneously being set adrift in a murky sea of moral relativism, from which it will be difficult for many of them to ever emerge. How can they tell right from wrong, or good from evil, since they are taught to ignore their intuitive knowledge, cultural inheritance, and both parental and religious training, in favor of looking at things from the perspective of “the other?” How can they argue against radial Islamists committed to jihad? After all, isn’t that just another point of view and aren’t those people entitled to it? As an educator myself, I’ve heard high school students adopt Hitler’s perspective without batting an eye, saying that Hitler was successful “from his point of view.” And they don’t turn around and say, “But of course he was a psychopathic monster and mass murderer,” etc. They can’t say that, because they’ve been taught to give equal respect to everyone and everything without differentiating in any way. They have, in effect, been taught to uncritically accept Hitler. (Unless, perhaps, they were clever enough to define him as a bully…). These are not young people who would have enlisted in the armed forces to free the prisoners suffering in concentration camps under the brutal regime of the Third Reich. They couldn’t even make the moral judgment that there was anything wrong with what the Nazis were doing! Unless you tell them the Nazis experimented on animals. Now that, they’d know was wrong. Because their indoctrination was very clear on that point….

In short, our children are being programmed to be New Age Eloi—the mindless, knowledge-free, immature, hedonistic flower children of H.G. Wells’ novel The Time Machine. (By the way, perhaps it is not a coincidence that Wells himself was a one-worlder globalist.)

But all is not cotton candy in our children’s world.

If school is the place where they learn groupthink and “we’re all one,” what do they learn from the recreational aspects of their lives, in particular from the celebrities they can be expected to admire and emulate? Far from lightness and sweet, they are exposed, through music videos, lyrics, songs, video games, and movies, to shockingly obscene, decadent, sexually-obsessed, violent, indecent, and depraved behaviors and images. You’ve heard plenty about graphic violence in video games, but what about those pop music videos featuring contemporary icons your children enjoy watching so much?

Take Christina Aguilera. If you look up her website, you’ll find a number of her videos listed, with titles like: “Your Body”; “Make the World Move”; “Come on Over Baby”; and “What a Girl Wants”. Try watching her “Just Not Myself Tonight” video, if you can stomach it. Keep in mind that your 14-year-old may have watched it, and more than once. In it, you see this once lovely, innocent girl now made up to look like a demonic whore of Babylon decked out in bondage/sadistic get-ups and taking part in a series of orgies, apparently trying to copulate with anyone in sight, including similarly attired and similarly gyrating women. She even gets down on all fours, tongue thrust out, making motions like a cat in heat. Really no words can do this piece of filth justice. And this is the sort of sexual perversion that children and teenagers ingest as their generation’s popular culture. This is where they look to find images of what they can aspire to. The dark side of the Eloi existence.

This couldn’t work without their systematic prepping in moral relativism. Otherwise young people would be as horrified watching this kind of thing as we are. Instead, many of them will think it is “cool” and will form their notions about what is attractive and sexy, including: deviant sex, bisexuality, group sex, bestiality, S&M, etc.—from watching such videos, listening to rap, and watching movies with a similar “perspective”.

And what is that perspective, pray tell?

It is this: Satanism. That’s right: the video “Just Not Myself Tonight” that I challenged you to watch repulsed you for a reason: it is Satanic. Such videos, as well as a number of movies (Black Swan comes to mind), incorporate occult signs, symbols, and a host of corrupt, brazenly immoral, and degrading actions. Most adults will recoil from such bestiality and ugliness. But how can our young, floundering in moral relativism, deprived of any moral compass, do other than to imbibe this poison, and let it do its dark work on their vulnerable psyches?

While school keeps them ignorant and childlike, even forcing drugs on many of them—either literally or figuratively anesthetizing them—video games, rap “music,” and x-rated MTV videos warp their pliable perspectives. This is the two-pronged attack on the minds, morals, attitudes and world view of our young. And if it isn’t halted, the future looks grim indeed.

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