Theft Prevention Tips

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Crime is a tricky thing to predict. There are some crimes that seem incredibly obvious in retrospect. Some seem to come out of nowhere. However, very few crimes come out of nowhere. In the case of property crimes like theft, the criminal is mostly looking for an opportunity to take something valuable. There’s no one hundred percent surefire way to prevent every instance of theft, but there are a few things you can do to lessen your chances of getting hit by thieves.

Your car

You’ve seen devices you can put on your steering wheel to deter thieves. You’ve considered upgrading your car alarm to something more sophisticated. But the biggest thing you can do to prevent someone from breaking into your car? Lock the doors. Lock the doors every single time. It doesn’t matter if you parked your car in front of your house in the countryside or in a crowded parking garage in downtown Los Angeles. Plenty of car thieves just go around trying to open car doors and seeing if they have any luck. If they see something valuable in your car, they may break the window, which would increase your loss. But at least locking your car doors will keep the laziest thieves from breaking in and rummaging through your belongings. You can also feel free to add other things like anti-theft side door cables, or anything else that makes you feel more secure. But the simplest thing you can do is to lock every car door every time. It may not prevent someone from burglarizing your car or even stealing it, but it’s a great start.

A lot of thieves target older cars, since newer cars are harder to break into because of all the bells and whistles. Many people can’t afford to go out and buy a new car on a whim, but know that there are some car models that are more popular with thieves than others. And not every criminal is looking for the same thing. A flashy sports car could make an attractive target for someone looking to steal a car, while a 1999 Nissan might be a more attractive target for a burglar who wants to ransack your car in search of money. Next time you’re in the market for a new or used car, go to your favorite dealership and ask if any of their models or more or less likely to be targeted.

Other personal belongings

It only takes an instant for a thief to snatch your purse or wallet after you put it down somewhere. Things like your smartphone can also be swiped before you even realize what’s happened. Some people freeze up when they’re victimized like this, while others yell, “Stop, thief!” and start pursuing the suspect. While it’s fun to imagine tackling the guy who just stole your stuff, you’re putting yourself at risk by giving chase. You don’t know anything about the thief, including whether or not he or she has a weapon.

The best way to avoid such a  scenario is to keep your most important belongings on or near your body pretty much all the time. If you get up from a table to go to the bathroom, ask a friend to watch your stuff until you get back. Practice constant awareness. It’s not exactly fun to constantly think about all the people who might want to steal your stuff, but if you do it enough, you’ll get used to it and it will become second nature.

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