There is no true student-loan crisis

Jan 8, 2019 by

The crisis is that too few college students graduate so they cannot afford to repay their loans

College and university presidents increasingly find ourselves having to combat a number of negative misperceptions about higher education, but none has been quite so stubborn as the notion that our graduates are being crushed beneath a mountain of student-loan debt.

The issue is certainly front and center in the media. Recently I had the privilege to attend the annual Higher Education Media Dinner in New York City, which features 25 journalists and a dozen or so college and university presidents from across the country. All of it on the record, with our public relations people looking on apprehensively while the presidents bluntly answered question after question about how we could keep costs down and debt low.

The consensus among the institutions represented — which included large public flagships, private liberal arts schools and professionally focused institutions such as Robert Morris University — is that the United States does not have a student-loan crisis. Our nation does, however, have a college-completion crisis.

Source: There is no true student-loan crisis | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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