There Won’t Be Any Blue Wave in Texas in 2018

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“There Won’t Be Any Blue Wave in Texas in 2018”

By Suzanne Guggenheim (added comments from Donna Garner)


That “Wave” still looks pretty darn Red in Texas. – Hey, remember all that talk over the last couple of weeks about a “Blue Wave” supposedly coming to Texas, as a supposed “record” number of Democrat voters turned out during the early voting period for the primary elections that took place on Tuesday?


Remember how the state’s Democrat Party had supposedly finally gotten its act together, how the Ds were actually fielding living human being candidates in all of the state’s 36 congressional races, how Democrat “rising star” Beto O’Rourke was going to beat Republican Ted Cruz in the U.S. senate race? Yeah, that was just yet another fake news media-generated myth. [More voters voted for Sen. Ted Cruz than


That myth was generated by media outlets like the Dallas Morning News and the web-based Texas Tribune looking only at early voting numbers coming in from the state’s big cities, where Democrats tend to do their best in a state in which their party has not won a statewide election since 1994.


Turns out that when you look at the voting totals from the entire state, including all those rural areas where Republicans dominate, the results from yesterday’s primaries look pretty similar to how they’ve looked for the past quarter of a century.


Per the Texas Secretary of State’s official election returns, Democrat turnout was just 6.79% overall, despite the record number of early votes. As is always the case with Texas Democrats, they just don’t show up to cast votes in person on Election Day.


Meanwhile, GOP turnout was 10.10%, and the total votes cast in statewide races for Republicans out-paced the vote totals for Democrats by roughly 1.5 million to 1.0 million.


If those ratios hold firm come November, they translate to basically the same 60/40 GOP advantage in statewide races that the Republicans have won every four years since 1994. In other words, there won’t be any “blue wave” coming to Texas, or anywhere else for that matter, come November. But hey, you can’t blame the fake news media for giving it the old college try – that’s what they think they’re in business to do.


God Bless Texas.


Just another day in the only wave in Texas is a big ol’ red one America.


That is all.






To be exact with all precinct votes counted, for Governor the Republicans outvoted the Democrats by 522,404 votes. That is over a half a million more Republicans who voted for Governor than did Democrats!


Sen. Ted Cruz received 1,317,463 votes (85.34%) while the supposed leading Democrat going into the race (Beta O’Rourke) received 150,149 votes (14.46%).  Sen. Ted Cruz actually received more votes than did all of the Democrat challengers put together!


The blue wave was a wishful myth, and Texas is still more supportive than ever of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.   



Republican – Total Votes in Texas for Governor:  1,540,363 (10.10%)




Democrat – Total Votes in Texas for Governor:  1,017,959 (6.67%)

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