These 5 Ongoing Training Options Will Support Your Marketing Team

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If you’re running a business with an in-house marketing team, your team needs ongoing support to keep them up-to-date with industry changes, insights, and new strategies. Staying up-to-date is critical since technology changes rapidly.

The more current training your team has, the better they can perform. Give your marketing team the advantage by providing the following types of ongoing training.

1. Link building courses

You can learn something from everyone. No matter how long your marketing team has been involved in link building, they’ll benefit from taking courses. The technicalities are easy to understand and learn, but learning the nuances requires more than informational knowledge.

Link building involves multiple proficiencies like relationship building and content marketing. You can’t get links without content, but you can’t get content published unless it’s high-quality and relevant to the publisher’s target audience.

Although link building has a definite structure, your marketing team can learn some cool tips and tricks from experienced professionals. Many of those professionals run courses on sites like Coursera and Udemy.

Online link building courses are affordable. Give your marketing team access to several courses each year.

2. General marketing courses

Chances are, your marketing team members are busy with their personal lives and don’t eat, sleep, and breathe marketing. In addition to providing access to link building courses, provide your marketing team with general marketing courses. However, look for courses that cover things like:

· An analysis of trends and data over the last few years

· The currently popular social media platforms and how well ads perform on each

· How machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are being used in marketing

· Marketing automation

· Advanced marketing strategies that involve automation

Find out what’s trending in the marketing industry (like AI, for example) and look for courses that cover those trends.

3. Copywriting courses

One copywriting course from A-listers like Dan Kennedy (RIP), John Carlton, or Harlan Kilstein will make a massive difference in your sales and conversions.

Harlan Kilstein is the master of incorporating neurolinguistics programming (NLP) into copy, which many people said couldn’t be done. Well, he did it, and he makes a ton of money writing copy for his clients. Kilstein offers NLP copywriting courses that get rave reviews from his students.

Copy always has room for improvement. When your marketing team takes copywriting courses from the A-listers, you’ll be amazed at how fast your sales increase.

4. Training to help them master software

The best investment you can make in your marketing team is to provide them with courses, training, or coaching to help them master the software your company uses for marketing. For example, if your company uses Infusionsoft, you’re using the best email marketing platform. However, the learning curve is steep and mastery doesn’t come easy.

In just a few months, working with an Infusionsoft coach can dramatically boost your team’s ability to reach your customers and get more sales. Infusionsoft, in particular, has capabilities that can be used in advanced marketing automation strategies that integrate with your PPC retargeting campaign and more.

Other marketing software applications have similar advanced capabilities that can be leveraged once learned.

Learning software in-depth will drive results

Your team might be doing just fine getting by with limited knowledge, but massive possibilities will open up when they can dive deep and learn a program in-depth. When your marketing team masters your software programs, they’ll work faster and more efficiently and they’ll be able to execute high-level marketing strategies that require knowing how backend mechanisms work.

5. Communication, teamwork, and leadership skills

Although it’s not marketing-related, keeping your team involved in teamwork training will go a long way to support your overall success. Strong teams get results on time for clients. Weak teams argue and have constant break downs that put projects behind schedule.

One of the best ways to strengthen your team is to join the Genius Network. Created by Joe Polish in 2004, this group has transformed thousands of businesses and business owners. Naturally, the Genius Network has attracted some of the world’s top celebrities and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Ariana Huffington, and Tony Robbins.

When you invest in yourself to gain communication and leadership skills, you’ll start to shape your marketing team into a powerhouse. It won’t happen overnight, but given enough time you’ll see drastic changes reflected in the way your team relates to one another and in results.

Don’t just put yourself through these training courses. Send your marketing team to trainings, too.

Marketing success requires ongoing training

Ongoing training is a requirement for achieving any kind of growth. Invest in growing your marketing team’s wisdom and experience and you’ll see company-wide results.

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