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The great student endeavours continually to accomplish a good paper each time he has to do one. It can be a test to discover approaches to continue to improve your writing, yet one method for doing this is powerful editing. Altering your paper before you submit it could mean the contrast between a decent evaluation and a splendid one, so it merits taking fifteen minutes or so before you send it off. So simply check it again to ensure that the paper is as perfect as it could be. In this article, we give you a few hints to consider when you’re editing your own paper. If, however, you need a cheap essay writing service, we can help you with that, too.

Start by getting the structure right

Try to give it some time before you edit your paper, it will help you to spot errors better. When you do start editing it, first look at its structure. See if there’s logic there and coherent sentences. Check if the order of the ideas is good and if they’re in relation – if on point follow logically the next one. Make sure you’re not revealing too much in the introduction. You need to put the paragraphs in a logical order when writing an essay. You wouldn’t want to have a random sentence that leads to a wrong paragraph.

Keep overly complicated language under control

If you keep using fancy words everywhere, it might get obvious the fact that you’re using a dictionary. You may sometimes pick the wrong synonym and you may not realize that and this thing does not actually make you look smarter. We don’t say that you’re not supposed to use fancy words – just be careful where and when you’re using them because sometimes you really don’t need fancy words – simple words will do, too.

Don’t trust the spellcheck

Spellcheck is not actually as good as you believe it is – it will not pick every error from your paper. Some typos and misspelling, yes, maybe, but it will not tell you about bigger issues, such as using the wrong words together. It may sometimes not even recognize some words as mistakes because it doesn’t know what you actually meant to write, and if there’s a typo which is actually another word (from -> form), it might not see the error there.

Get rid of tautologies

Tautology is when you use two consecutive words that have the same meaning, such as “big giant”. This is not good. At. All. You’re just probably trying to add some words to the paper, or you’re trying to highlight something, but actually, you’re only making it worse.

Make sure you include quotations

Make sure that all the quotes from authors have quotation marks. Also, you need to include the source – where you’ve taken the information from (either a book or a website). Make sure to include them all at the end of the paper under „Bibliography”. It’s very important because otherwise it’s called plagiarism and you may be sanctioned for that.

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