Do You Know What “They” are Teaching Your Kids?

Aug 28, 2014 by

Rebecca Hagelin –

With “free” education offered in every town in the United States, a plethora of teachers who seem to be more than willing to take a role of authority in place of parents, and the convenience of sending our children to someone else to educate them, many parents have relinquished their role as the primary director of their children’s education. Our kids spend more awake time in schoolrooms during their formative years than just about any other place. But it seems that most parents ­don’t have a clue what their children are being taught.

Even the most expensive private school can be a moral wasteland. Although a high price tag might indicate academic excellence, it can also reflect that the school may contain a level of intellectual snobbery or an air of superiority that assumes that faith in God and traditional moral values are foolishness. Conversely, many nurturing religious schools lack an emphasis on academic achievement. The bottom line is that you have to do your own homework before you can be certain that the private schools in your area are all you hope for. ­Don’t get me wrong—with the growing failures of the public schools, there has been a rise in the number of private schools across the nation that can help our children to excel both spiritually and academically. It’s just incredibly important to assume nothing, and instead to check out everything that is available to you. Even though school season is upon us, remember this: it is never too late to make a change. It might be too late to get into the private school of your choice, but there are always other options.

Of course, everyone knows—though few want to face it—that the performance level of the public school system is dismal. Study after study reveals that American public education is failing when compared to the rest of the civilized world. Add to that the rampant behavioral problems and sexually explicit “family life education” materials, and you’ve got a host of reasons not to send your children to public school.

This is not meant to bash you if your children are in a public school setting. My own children attended our local public high schools. The point is to be diligent about finding out what goes on in the classroom and whether or not your values are under attack. If you have the slightest indication that your child is susceptible to manipulation or may be influenced by the lack of morality on display in the government schools, then I strongly urge you to look for other educational options.

If you determine that your children will attend public or private schools, then vow – at this moment – to exercise your parental rights and responsibility to be involved in their education.

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