‘Thin Privilege:’ Fat Students Feel ‘Unwanted’ Because Desks are Too Small

Nov 14, 2017 by

The list of offensive things on campus keeps growing.

Trey Sanchez –

A new study by the Women and Girls Research Alliance at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte found that overweight female college students describe feeling “fat-shamed” when they walk into a classroom and can’t fit into the provided desks.

In an article from the latest issue of Fat Studies titled “There’s always stomach on the table and I gotta write! Physical space and learning in fat college women,” lead researcher Heather Brown explains how after interviewing 13 overweight women, she found a pattern of suffering from “thin privilege and fat hatred” among them because they feel “classroom design and furniture,” including “too-small desks,” have caused them to feel “unwanted.”

One of the girls interviewed told Brown that the small desks make her feel “self-conscious.” She often thinks to herself: “I can’t help thinking about it, and then it would turn into, like, ‘Maybe if I lose ten pounds then I wouldn’t look so fat in this desk.’” The student added that it actually makes her lose too much focus in class. Brown believes this “fat stigma” is leading to worse grades for fat students, and thus, “weight stigma… is a key barrier in learning.”

Brown suggests ways to “alleviate the damage a hostile physical environment causes to fat women learners,” which includes offering “differently sized chairs and tables.” But beware, Brown cautioned, this has to be done very gingerly as to not create a fat seating area, or sequestering them to the “fat chair,” which could “further damage” their self-esteem, according to Campus Reform.

“Universities and colleges can mitigate the negative effects of the physical learning environment,” Brown concluded her study. “Do they have the courage to listen?”

Meanwhile, some fat feminists are wearing their weight proudly and “coming out as fat.” They are saying things like: “Being fat is being defiant, even if you hardly think of yourself as a rebel. My problem is that there isn’t a thin woman inside me dying to get out, there’s another fat woman, and she needs to be released before we both suffocate and die. Trying to push her down, and the feelings she inspires, debilitates me.”

Leftism is hard to keep up with.

Source: ‘Thin Privilege:’ Fat Students Feel ‘Unwanted’ Because Desks are Too Small | Truth Revolt

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