Things That Make A Big Difference In Email Marketing

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Picture this: there are approximately 144 billion emails that are sent each and every day. This should paint a picture of just how much your email marketing strategies should be hit the right chord, target the right audience and generally get out there at the right time. In fact, it should also be said that they must be sent out with the right, mood, attitude and intentions if at all they will win you any subscriptions and long term business.

What can you do or how then can you ensure that your email marketing campaigns are different, they stand out and that they achieve the desired goals? Here are some amazing hints.

Personalization Will Open Doors and Touch Hearts

From the number of emails likely to hit the inbox of potential customers with unlimited frequency, making an acquaintance with them will do no harm at all.

Imagine walking down a busy, crowded street and you hear someone call out your name. Even if there are five more people with a similar name around that place at the time, you are very likely to have a second look, if only to confirm.

This is, in fact, one of the simplest ways to keep your potential clients around; sounding and acting familiar.

Of course, the number of things determines how the relationship goes. Factors such as how you obtained their email in the first place will determine how you introduce yourself and how you carry out your initial conversations. Nonetheless, personalization will work far much better as opposed to a general address such as Hello, or just Hey.

When it is Hello John, or Dear Mary, or even Greetings Juliet, it demonstrates a great effort to get familiar.

Importantly, even if you are doing batch emails, make sure that you address individuals by their names quite regularly in the body of the letter. In the advent of automation, this is ultimately made easier.

Make the Subject Line Catchy and You Hook Them Up

In case you underestimate the value of a catchy subject line, then you are fast heading in the wrong direction. Incredibly reliable research shows that 69% of email marketing target audience marks the message as “spam” depending on the subject line. Again, around 34% will open the email depending on the subject line and they cite it as the most crucial factor in determining whether or not to open an email. As such, you cannot afford not to invoke the best of your creative faculties when crafting the subject line.

As an unwritten rule, keeping them short and witty, while giving as much hint on the discussion that will follow. It will help them decide whether they are in it or not.

Two elements that make email subject lines stand out are curiosity and urgency. Make your audience curious and ask them to open it NOW! Let it sound as if they are about to lose the deal of a lifetime if they don’t open.

Be Consistent but Not Excessive.

Human nature has it that relationships are built over a period of time. It is also true that relationships are cultivated as time goes by. In other words, there is always a chance to improve them through consistent interaction. In fact, it is also true that relationships can easily die when communication breaks down.

Your email marketing campaigns will gain profitably from consistent interaction with your clients. Actually, you don’t have to wait until there is a major announcement to be made.

Consistent communication allows you to learn your client’s needs, characteristics and behavior over time, thereby giving you a golden opportunity to send them the most relevant information regarding the most relevant products to them.

At the same time, consistency shields you from oblivion, especially in cases where there are competitors wooing the same client. Don’t allow so much silence such that you will probably need to all over again introduce yourself when you resume interaction.

Consistency also includes giving feedback in a timely manner in cases where inquiries are made. Taking too long to respond to inquiries will ultimately paint you as sluggish and even incapable of delivering.

However, be careful not to send too many messages that render you irrelevant or stubborn. For instance, you don’t quite need to send an email every day. You can schedule for a weekly, fortnightly or even monthly depending on factors such as the products you are marketing.

It’s Mobile First Today

Things have changed a great deal over the last decade. A major characteristic of technology consumption in modern times has been an upsurge in the mobile intake. Subsequently, consumers have made their mobile phones the primary devices for internet access.

Going by this trend, it is becoming more convenient for marketers to optimize their message for mobile use. In fact, for many mobile users, if something doesn’t open on mobile, they will hardly follow it up on a PC or any larger device unless it is of great importance to them.

Timing is Essential: Not all Time Is Email Time

What time is it best to send your marketing emails?

Although there is no consensus as to what time is best to send your email campaigns, your timing has to be done in such a way that it doesn’t seem intrusive or offensive.

It is obviously a good idea to schedule your emails in such a way that the person on the other end is able to have them as they start their day. This way, they make the emails part of their day’s schedule thus giving you a better chance at having your emails read. You can use an email template builder to make things easier.

Call To Action and A Free Give Away.

Whoever said that the best content is free content was probably right. Quite often, people will be easily enticed with free goodies. It does no harm to ask them to subscribe or follow you. Leave useful contacts for the purposes of follow-ups.


In spite of a growth in emerging media, email marketing is still a leading tool utilized by marketers of all calibers. They are not only more effective but also come out as formal, mature and even more trustworthy. For this reason, they have a higher conversion rate, especially when done in the right way.

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