Things to Consider When Your Child Asks for A Mobile Phone

Aug 8, 2019 by

Parents of young children are frequently in a quandary as to what age their children should have a mobile phone. Much has been written about this topic, but the final decision depends on both the parents and their child.

Setting Guidelines for Your Child’s First Mobile Phone

Some children mature faster than others, and it stands to reason that this will factor into the decision. Even when children reach a certain age, they may or may not be ready to handle the responsibilities that come along with owning a cell phone. Parents need to think about how responsible their child is in other situations. Also, parents should consider the boy or girl’s willingness to follow the rules at home and school.

There are also other considerations when determining the appropriate age to get your kids a mobile phone. Keeping your child safe as a mobile phone user takes some planning. You always protect your child from harm, and owning a mobile phone can pose a certain amount of risk to young users without some parental guidance. Online solicitation of a minor is a huge concern in today’s day and age. This is where the child’s level of maturity and personality play a crucial part in your decision. You will have to set up specific rules regarding your child’s usage of the phone. Mobile phones also have safety setting options that parents and guardians can adjust and change. This will help to ensure that your child does not have access to anything that is not age-appropriate.

Settings, Web Filtering and More

Parents can decide as to which cell phone options and features the child can and cannot use. Phones have settings built in for privacy and user safety. By doing so, you are restricting access to features that your child is too young to be exposed to for security and other reasons. If you only want your child to be able to make and receive phone calls, additional features such as texting and internet access can be blocked. For limited online access, there is an option known as web filtering. Your mobile plan provider can likely assist you with the child safety settings that are available on the phone.

Teaching Children the Safety Rules

GPS technology is now a standard feature on most cell phones. It can be used to pinpoint a person’s exact location. Your child may want to use this feature with their friends. You should instruct your child to never use the GPS with people that they do not know. The use of GPS mapping is helpful for you to map your child’s location at any time.

Talk to Your Kids About Photos and Videos

Their new phone will make it fast and easy for your child or teenager to take and post their pictures and videos on social media. Explain to them that they should think first if there will be any privacy or safety concerns before they make their images public.

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