Things to keep in mind before Buying a Classroom Projector

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Are you looking for a brand new projector that you can use in your classroom? Buying a projector is not like buying any other stuff you put in your classroom. Purchasing a projector means investing a huge amount of money to enhance the learning experience of your students. Besides, we’re already in the 21st century now where schools use projectors in classrooms.

Whether its main purpose is for viewing educational films or simply for lectures, projectors come in handy all the time. However, there are some things that you still have to consider before you can buy one for your classroom. To ensure that you get the best one to support and improve your class interactions, take note of these tips:

  • Consider the Best Position of Your Screen Inside the Classroom

Before you skip this part, take note that finding the best position of your screen may also require time. Since you will be using a projector, you wouldn’t want to put the screen where the sunlight may interfere. Aside from sunlight, you may also want to consider your room light, walls, and floor. As harmless as they seem, these things can actually have a negative effect on the projected image of your projector.

If you don’t have blackout curtains or blinds in your classroom, find the best position where your screen is undisturbed. Thus, it should be the spot where sunlight will not strike on your screen including your room lighting. Dark ceilings, floors, and walls will reduce the amount of reflected in the screen. But if you can’t achieve these things in your classroom, dimmable lights will also do to improve their visual comfort.

  • Measure the Distance Between Your Students and the Screen

Knowing the distance between the screen and your students will help you determine the right screen size to choose. Basically, projectors’ screen height should depend on its distance from the farthest student which should be about 1/6. Therefore, your screen projector’s height should be 60 inches if its distance between your farthest students is 30 feet.

Moreover, the screen should be placed higher above the floor if your classroom’s seating area is leveled. Unless the seating area is elevated a little on each row, the screen can remain low to the floor.

  • Find the Best Place for Your Projector

Basically, the best place to put your projector is where its projected light can’t be blocked by anyone or anything. May it be unintentionally or not, having your projector’s light blocked is a big No. At the same time, you should ensure that no one will be able to look directly into its lens. The bright light of the projector can damage you or your students’ eyes. In addition, your projector should not be placed somewhere unstable especially if it’s above your students.

If you don’t have any other choice but to have it installed in the ceiling or mounted on the wall, hire professionals. Trained technicians know better about the mounting hardware and other things required for the installation to ensure everyone’s safety. This will also help you guarantee your projector’s safety against possible accidents due to water spills, cord tripping and more. In addition, make sure that your projector has proper ventilation to avoid overheating.

  • Quality of the Projector

Since you’ll be using the projector in the classroom, you have to make sure that it is designed for heavy-duty. It should be made from high-quality materials that can endure long hours of regular use. You may also want to choose between a DLP projector which projects a better image and an LCD projector which is more energy-efficient. Depending on your budget you can choose between DLP and LCD projector. Here is a list of  projectors under $500 for people with tight budget.


Before you shop for a projector, be sure that already know how and where to place it. Of course, this includes the projector’s screen which may take a lot of space in your classroom. Thus, you may also want to consider the size of your classroom prior to determining the size of your screen. Most importantly, make sure that the projector’s performance is top-notch.

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