Things to keep in mind while being on a playground

Mar 29, 2018 by

It is very important to ensure that our kids are absolutely safe and secure while they are on playgrounds. Of course, unfortunate accidents happen all the time but it is important to make sure that the chances for such incidents must be as less as possible. Here is a short list of things that as a guardian or as a parent, you can do while your kid is on a playground or wants to go to one –

  • It is important to be active while your kids are playing are playing on open grounds. You must be there while they are climbing or jumping.
  • It is important that to select a safe playground, for that you need closely examine it first. Look out for broken equipments and rusted and dangerous surface. It is recommended to allow your kids to go to park with playground rubber flooring, only. It is strong and prevents your kids from injuries.
  • You must teach your kids that not to push or shove anyone on ground, as it can be dangerous.
  • Wear safe and properly covered dress. The dress should be of perfect fit neither too tight nor too loose as it will disturb your child while playing.
  • It is best to separate the area as per different age groups, such as a part of ground should be given to kids under 5, while another to kids under 14 and then the rest to the adults. Similarly, make sure that your kid plays only with those equipments that fit his or her age group. The separate area for kids under 5 should be a perfectly covered with comfortable and protective playground rubber flooring, where young kids can learn to walk or ride on a bicycle. Here, they can enjoy peaceful duck rides and building block games which will help them in growing and developing.
  • Do not go to playgrounds that have concrete, dirt and gravel on it, it’s not healthy for a growing child.
  • You must check out the type security the playground offers, it is open for anyone or it has a high security system. Do not let your child play at playgrounds that welcome strangers, as it not safe from young and innocent kids.
  • You must also check the swings and other playing equipments properly, that they are in good state and are absolutely safe for a kid to use.
  • You can also buy safety gears and protection equipments and ask your child to wear it all the time while being on the ground. This will keep him or her safe while playing their favorite sport such as cricket or football, etc.

You can go through the above mentioned tips for ensuring safety of your child while he or she is on play ground. Hope these tips will help you. Playground is an important part of a growing child’s life therefore, it is important that you choose the right ground for your kid.

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