Things you should keep in mind before applying for student’s visa in Australia

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First things first! To apply for a student’s visa in Australia first and foremost a student or the individual must satisfy the condition of a genuine intention to stay in the country temporarily. Profile of the individual and the Statement of Purpose are the keys to fulfil the AIA visa 482 criteria.

The Department of Home Affairs Australia (DIBP/DHA) regulates the application and granting of visa procedures, and the applications are assessed with respect to the requirements set in direction number 69. The key considerations include,

  • Circumstances of the student or the individual with respect to the family income, employment and level of education
  • Visa and prior immigration history of the student
  • Other relevant matters including character certificates and police certificates

The DHA/DIBP is very stringent when it comes to denying the application of an applicant who wants to use the visa for motives other than gaining quality higher education in Australia. But students after gaining the necessary skill set according to the Australian Labour market can go on to apply for permanent residency.

To paint a general picture, one thing you must always keep in mind is that your prior experience counts. If you have faced visa refusal before, the majority of the overseas consultation for Australia and the universities in the various parts of Australia will also refuse to process your applications. It is also the case with respect to poor educational credentials. So, it is advisable to apply only if you have a spotless clean slate.

About the English language requirements

PTE/IELTS scores are a must for individuals applying for a visa in Australia. There are however exceptions for the native English-speaking countries but for other candidates IELTS, TOEFL and PTE scores or Cambridge English certificate in Advanced English is a must. The test results must not be older than two years. For applicants 5.5 and above band IELTS score or the equivalent score at the TOEFL/PTE is essential. For example, the majority of Indian students applying for higher education and learning opportunities in Australia need to supply evidence of English language skills. The failure to do so might lead to a rejection of the application.

Financial requirements

Well, if truth be told the financial requirements cannot be done without and everyone needs to have enough within what is genuinely available to pay for the course fees, travel and living costs. The family member visitations and other occasions also warrant the expenditure. It is therefore essential to provide evidence of the financial capacity of the applicant, or the application can get refused on the grounds of withholding information.

The financial requirements can be demonstrated by the provision of any one of the following from the applicant side,

  • Proof of adequate funds to travel to Australia, living for 12 months, schooling and accompanying cost of family members
  • Or evidence of meeting the annual income requirement

If you aren’t done with your application already, get down to it!

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