Think of It: 75 Babies Saved in Waco in Three Months”

May 3, 2021 by

Pro-Life Waco

“Think of It: 75 Babies Saved in Waco in Three Months”

From Donna Garner


Care Net, Pro-Life Waco, and 40 Days for Life have worked together for years to stop abortions at the Waco Planned Parenthood (PP) facility on Highway 6. 

Trained sidewalk counselors outside PP offer “Blessing Bags” to everyone coming to PP; and since Feb. 1, 2021, when Care Net opened its medical clinic across the street from PP, 75 babies have been saved from abortion.  The Blessing Bags tell women of the free STD tests, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, prenatal care, housing during pregnancy, and Christian counseling available at Care Net. 

By contrast, PP charges for its services.  And Care Net will reimburse women who have already paid PP for most of those services. 

Prolife Waco has billboards all over the area to offer its and Care Net’s services. 

40 Days for Life holds semiannual prayer vigils — with volunteers from area churches — outside the PP bldg.  Each woman who comes across the street from PP to Care Net is told about the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and of the supportive services Care Net will provide during her pregnancy –  all completely free of charge. 

Think of it:  75 precious babies’ lives have been saved in three months.  This shows what prayer, dedication to life, and committed service can do to stem the tide of merciless death in the womb.  

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