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“This Battle Really Is for the Kids – Tex. Health Ed Standards”  

By Donna Garner


“Thank you, Texas State Board of Education members. You are doing exactly what you need to do by making sure that the people chosen as experts to provide guidance to the streamlining of the Health Education TEKS (curriculum standards for Texas) are people who support sexual abstinence and the medically based principles contained in the present Health Ed. TEKS.  Your recommendations for people to serve on these committees, as vilified by Texas Freedom Network (TFN), are exactly the right choices.” 


Texas Freedom Network is doing its usual thing by trying to promote disinformation and havoc through voicing its opposition to the experts chosen by SBOE members (excerpts from TFN’s 6.26.19 press release posted further on down the page). 

Short Background on TFN:   Texas Freedom Network was founded by Cecile Richards in 1995 with its stated mission to stop conservative thought in Texas public schools.

Cecile Richards went on to become the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America and was followed at TFN by Samantha Smoot.

Samantha Smoot left TFN in 2005 to go to Washington, D. C. to work for the Human Rights Campaign, the largest homosexual organization in the country.

Next came Kathy Miller to TFN. Kathy Miller has championed myriads of leftist causes in Texas and across the nation.

Dan Quinn is TFN’s Communication Director, and he “outed himself” publicly in 2001.

The triad of Texas Freedom Network, Planned Parenthood, and the Human Rights Campaign are closely joined to the following far-leftist organizations:

ACLU Texas; Alliance for Clean Texas; People for the American Way; Center for Public Policy Priorities; Equality Texas; NARAL Pro-Choice; Sierra Club; Freedom From Religion Foundation; Stand Down Texas; Texas Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates (TAPPA); Texas Impact; The Texas Observer; MECha (who wants to eliminate the border with Mexico entirely and honor Mexican revolutionary war hero Ernesto Zapata and Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara); the Center for Inquiry (CFI) who fought to make the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional; Children’s Defense Fund; Children’s Aid Society; and many more far-left organizations.


How could any caring parent want Texas Freedom Network to influence Texas’ education standards, textbooks, and curriculum?

Below are excerpts from TFN’s latest press release. Please contact Texas State Board of Education members and ask them to continue to choose Health Ed experts who will support fact-based, medically and psychologically sound principles that lead to good health among our Texas students.

What are the healthy principles which should be implemented into the new Health Ed TEKS?   I, who worked as a researcher/writer with healthcare professionals, have done the work for you by putting these medically based facts in the following three articles:

4.26.19  — “The Facts Teens Should Be Taught in Their Health Classes” — by Donna Garner — —

6.17.19 — “The Battle for Student Healthy Health Standards Has Begun” — By Donna Garner — —

6.4.19 – “America Is Not Lost If We Do Our Part” — By Donna Garner — —


Contact information for Texas State Board of Education members:


Excerpts from “Texas Health Curriculum Standards Overhaul Veers off Course out of the Gate” — from Texas Freedom Network — 6.26.19:

AUSTIN – In a depressing echo of the deeply divisive and politicized revisions of other curriculum standards in the past decade, the State Board of Education’s overhaul of health standards for Texas public schools appears to be veering off course just as it’s getting started, Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller warned today.

…Miller pointed to the board’s appointment a panel of so-called “content experts” to help guide the revision process of the health standards, which include guidelines on sex education for Texas public schools. She identified at least four problematic appointees, who together make up a majority of the seven-member panel:

Mikeal Love is a controversial Austin OB-GYN who doesn’t prescribe birth control and refers to a pregnant woman as a “host organism.” Love has played a prominent role in helping draft and pass medically unnecessary anti-abortion laws in Texas. In addition, the state’s attorney general reportedly has paid him at least $46,000 to serve as an “expert” witness defending anti-abortion laws in court cases.

Jack Lesch, a physician in The Woodlands, has served on the board of directors of the Medical Institute for Sexual Health since 2008. The Austin-based Medical Institute was founded in 1992 by a prominent abstinence-only advocate who calls comprehensive sex education a failure.

Feyi Obamehinti is a failed State Board of Education candidate and a former teacher in math and science, not health. She has supported the teaching of creationism in science classrooms as well as Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s failed “bathroom bill” in 2017, saying keeping transgender students from using restrooms appropriate to their gender identity “protects all children.”

Dawn Riley has been the director of mentoring for a crisis pregnancy center in Amarillo, Hope Choice, since 2017. Prior to that, virtually her entire 32-year education career was in language arts, not health. Hope Choice mentoring lessons encourage students to choose a “Purity-Based Lifestyle/Sexuality” and to reject “society’s ‘norms’ that contradict biblical principles.” In an email obtained by the Texas Freedom Network through a public information request, Riley asked one of the board members who appointed her whether she is really qualified to be a content “expert” in health. The board member replied that “we want someone who will provide a voice of reason to the process.”

…The appointment of the “expert” panel marks the start of a long process for writing new health standards for the first time in more than two decades. The new standards will guide classroom instruction and textbook content for the next generation of Texas students.

The current health standards and textbooks also include nothing about sexual orientation and gender identity.

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