This is How We Can Fight the JUUL E-cigs Epidemic in Schools

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Our school-aged students are dealing with a rising number of issues in school, but there is a new epidemic that is taking many schools by storm. It is one that could potentially cause a lot of health concerns for our students if it is not controlled quickly. The risk is coming from e-cigs and it will take everyone working together to make it end. Many experts agree that this is how we can fight the JUUL e-cigs epidemic in schools. Do you agree?

A New Danger for Schools

E-cigs have become very popular among smokers because it can enable you to wean yourself off traditional cigarettes. As a smoker, you get to choose the amount of nicotine that you are getting and there are some with zero nicotine in them. If used properly, they can be a beneficial product, even though there are still some concerns about how “healthy” it is for even adults. Now, though, students have taken it a little further. They are using e-cigs in high schools and they are able to hide doing it while they are in the middle of a classroom with a teacher. This is very bad according to most people because an e-cig flavor canister can hold as much nicotine as a pack of traditional cigarettes.

How They Are Doing It

One of the most popular choices for students is the JUUL e-cig. It is mostly used in higher class neighborhood schools because of its price. It is popular because of the fact it looks like a computer storage drive, which means that it is small enough to carry and hide in your hand. When you puff on it, the smoke you exhale is very light and misty. This means that a student in the classroom can easily hide it in their hand, puff when the teacher’s back is turned, and then exhale into their shirt to hide the smoke vapor. The teacher never knows what may be going on in her classroom. Outside of the classroom, students are also visiting the school bathroom, changing rooms, and more. Even if another student or teacher walks in, they may never know that an e-cig is being smoked in the stall since there is so little smoke and the scent of it, could be misinterpreted as a lotion or a perfume.

Gaining Control of the Situation

E-cigs come in a variety of flavors that are very good. You can choose minty flavors, fruity flavors, and more. There are a lot of advertisements for e-cigs that talk about how they are better than cigarettes. People who use them are not “smoking” they are “vaping”. It isn’t seen as something that could have negative impacts on our kids. To fix the “vaping” in school, we must first acknowledge that there is a problem. Explain that there are potential side effects of using e-cigs. Make sure kids understand that there is a lot of nicotine in them and they are an addictive drug. We also have to regulate how they are purchased and by whom. It is a task that not only teachers and parents should have to confront.

What Can You Do?

If you know a kid, talk to them. If you are an adult “vaper”, make sure that your children know you are still potentially damaging your health by using them. Talk openly about the nicotine that you get from it. If you are a company that manufacturers them, you need to make them look like a cigarette or have them be something that is not easily hidden away in the palm of a hand. As a teacher or school faculty member, you should know what they look like and if you notice someone has dropped one, take it away rather than give it back at the end of class. The truth is; until the hype has gone away from e-cigs, our children are going to be at risk for addiction to them. We have to make the hype go away.

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