This Truly Sickens Me: Stormy Daniels’ Perverse Tour

Mar 10, 2018 by

“This Truly Sickens Me:  Stormy Daniels’ Perverse Tour”

By Donna Garner



COMMENTS FROM DONNA GARNER:  This truly sickens me that those who want to destroy America have chosen to follow a sure path to destruction.  


Without going into the totally perverse and lurid details being released by Stormy Daniels regarding her supposed “consensual relationship” with Donald Trump in 2006 (which he totally denies), I believe we need to consider the source – Stormy Daniels – just another liar who is promoting herself.


It is obvious that Stormy is trying to resurrect her despicable porn career by using the all-too-willing, hate-Trump media to give her free publicity.  What a deal!  Grab the headlines by telling outrageous lies about Donald Trump and generate customers for your sex performances!


It is no coincidence that Stormy Daniels is now conducting a national tour entitled “Make America Horny Again.”  A person does not have to be a “rocket scientist” to figure out what she is doing; she is obviously trying to rejuvenate her porn sex career by using our President’s name to launch her miserable career.  


Interestingly enough, the Washington Post just came out with an article on Stormy Daniels, painting her as a “talented film actress…wife…mother of a seven-year old daughter…lives in Dallas.  The WP says Stormy is a “pioneer of the porn industry…ambitious…resilient…a point of pride among sex workers and others in the industry who are tackling issues such as human trafficking and who have long felt marginalized.” 


[May God help us if Stormy Daniels is now the poster child for those who are suffering in the human sex trafficking trade.]


Not once does the Wash. Post mention Stormy Daniels’ outrageous porn sex queen tour because then the savvy public would know what she is really after: fame, fortune, and lots of paying customers who come to watch her sordid performances.


Thankfully, Pres. Trump just keeps right on accomplishing wonders for our country.  He does not let corrupt, perverse, degenerate, wicked, lewd, vile, immoral, jealous, and unprincipled individuals to obstruct his progress in helping him to fulfil his promises to the American people. 


Amazingly, in spite of anything and everything that the leftists have thrown in his path, Pres. Trump has already accomplished in a little over a year some 65% of his conservative agenda.


The good news is that more successes for America are to come; and soon Stormy Daniels and other such liars will fade from view, never to be heard from again.






3.1.18 – Houston Chronicle


“Porn star Stormy Daniels’ ‘Make America Horny Again’ tour hits Houston tonight”

By Craig Hlavaty


Pornstar, film director, screenwriter, and current player in a Donald-Trump-sex scandal, Stormy Daniels, will be in Houston’s Vivid Live starting tonight.


On what is dubbed the “Make America Horny Again” tour, Daniels will perform onstage nightly through Saturday evening…

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  1. Avatar
    Bob Weir

    Only in a country slouching toward Gomorrah could a whore from the sewer be taken seriously by the news media. What does she tell her young daughter about the type of work she does?

  2. Avatar
    Darlene Pendery

    Getting as sick of hearing about “Stormy” as we were of hearing about Pamala Anderson.

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