Thousands could get diplomas despite failing test.

Nov 10, 2015 by

It’s been the law of the land in California high schools for a decade: Students had to pass an exit exam to earn a diploma.

Starting in tenth-grade, they could take the test several times a year until they passed, and most — more than 95 percent — did. Those who failed could retake it indefinitely, even years after leaving high school.

But any chances to retake the test disappeared when the exit exam (deemed dated since its linked to the state’s old academic standards) was suspended over the summer — and the testing contract canceled.

Now, schools across San Diego County and the state are searching for thousands of students who failed the exam because some are eligible for retroactive diplomas under a new law signed by the governor in October.

That means educators are poring over transcripts dating back to the class of 2006, setting up websites, and taking to social media to get the word out.



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