Threatening conservative students at Texas univ. OK

Jul 5, 2019 by

A radical leftist student group at a Texas university is threatening to dox incoming freshman if they join a conservative organization.

Fox News reported that the Autonomous Student Network (ASN) is intimidating University of Texas at Austin freshman by threatening to post their personal information online if they join a right-leaning group such as the Young Conservatives of Texas.

Project 21 National Advisory Board Co-chair Stacy Washington argues that the school must do more to stop this partisan tactic.

“But the bigger issue here is that the university doesn’t find out the name and phone number and the student ID of every single student who’s in the Autonomous Student Network – and sit them down and let them know their admission to the college campus is in danger,” Washington pointed out.

Just about the only thing university officials have done is to disavow that they have any association with the group.

Washington believes the university’s lack of real action is due to its overall dislike for white conservatives.

“Well, replace Autonomous Student Network with Autonomous White Student Network,” the African American conservative activist mused. “They don’t care about protecting conservative students, but they’ll do anything if it’s racial animus that’s from white people. But they won’t do anything about racial animus from black people to white people.”

The Autonomous Student Network was previously suspended from Twitter for doxing supporters of United States Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his rancorous confirmation process.

Source: Threatening conservative students at Texas univ. OK

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