Three of the Best Apps for the Classroom, and One Just for Teachers

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Creating an app is easier than ever before. With SaaS platforms, like BuildFire, you don’t even have to hire a professional designer. You can design your very own app and do all the work yourself!

That’s both good and bad for the rest of us that use those apps, especially if you’re a teacher looking for the very best ones. It means there are some really great apps out there, but there are also some real duds.

Don’t waste any time downloading apps that sound good only to find out you just wasted moments of your extremely precious time. Check out these three apps that are perfect for the classroom, plus one just for teachers, that are worth a download.


Apps make learning fun, which is why so many teachers are using them in the classroom. It’s even better if an app can make a topic that was once boring way more exciting. That’s the power of Kahoot.

Kahoot is an app that allows you to turn your classroom into a game show. Just enter questions into the app with corresponding answers and it will create a game that students can play.

It’s even cooler because the game can be played on a web browser and the app can be used as a buzzer, so you can project the questions on the screen and all the kids can buzz in with their answers!


A little inspiration can go a long way. If you feel like your kids aren’t motivated, there’s probably a TED Talk for that.

TED-Ed allows you to browse TED Talks that are most relevant for the classroom. Not only can students watch videos, you can also customize a lesson plan to get the most out of what they watched.


Not all kids are auditory or visual learners. Many are kinesthetic, which means they need to use their hands. That is often hard in a traditional classroom.

It doesn’t have to be when you use the Instructables app! This website will help you make just about anything like:

  • A perfect paper cube in math
  • A water filter made out of an old two liter in science
  • Paper Mache in art

You can even find engineering, Arduino board, and robotics projects using this app.

Teach Learn Lead

The students in your classroom won’t even touch some of the best apps. That’s because they’re made for teachers!

One teacher favorite is called Teach Learn Lead. It has been called the Facebook for teachers because it enables you to meet other educators located all over the country to share lesson plans, get career advice, or just talk about what’s happening in your classroom. Your new connections may even be able to provide you with advice on some other great apps to use with your students!

The apps on this list have been downloaded countless times because teachers understand their value. Give them a try and both you and your students will be glad you did!

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