The Three R’s: Raunchy, Rude, and Reprehensible.

Oct 28, 2013 by

By Dean Kalahar –

October 28, 2013

Would it be ok for a school to promote Victoria’s Secrets, or Miley’s twerks? Of course not, but are you aware the new school “uniform” for girls can only be described as “trash wear.”

School fashion has always been a hot button issue, and dress codes are a difficult moving target for administrators to define and police. Unfortunately by their inaction to stop a downward trajectory of deviancy, schools have consciously promoted the sexualization of children.

Female clothing in schools today is not like you remember. Instead of fighting hem lengths and tucking in shirts, teens are wearing tights as pants, shorts that make “daisy dukes” look like bloomers, and sports bras as shirts. If that wasn’t bad enough, girls – who are reaching puberty up to five years earlier than past generations – are exposing more cleavage than a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

To add insult to common decency, girls look as if they have been mauled on the way to school. Tears, rips and holes are in. The problem is the frayed ends of hippy jeans and the cut off shorts of yesterday have given way to a look that replicates the aftermath of a bar fight at best and sexual assault at worst. It’s now considered “hot” to look masochistic.

The natural waistline has given way to bottoms worn so low that underwear has to be an afterthought. Short shorts have become loin cloths where any “clothing malfunction” is probable cause for a pornography charge. And see through tops showing undergarments fit for a Los Vegas show girl are the rage. The problem is the rage looks like it’s on stage at a burlesque show.

The “I’ve not bathed in weeks look,” emulating a rough night of heroin use is also a trashy teen fashion trend. It makes one wonder, have we lost the ability to feel shame or even look in a mirror? At one time cultural norms use to act as a filter for choices and behavior, today the filter has been removed. The stench of the self-absorbed is no longer an affront because society has gotten use to the smell of cultural rot. In a pathetically gross irony, looking “dirty” literally means being dirty.

At this point you’re either in shock, denial or chuckling; but the problem in the hallways of our nation’s schools is tragic. What we have is an epidemic of distasteful dress disguising self-loathing and the inability for young girls to understand and identify with substantive role models or a parent that cares. Instead, confused girls parade around as if they are Kim Kardashian, believing sexuality can replace an empty sense of self that’s screaming to find “who am I.”

Parents have abdicated their responsibility to the point of child abuse. Mom, fobbing off your child’s innocence so you can try to re-live your own pathetic childhood does not make degrading your daughter “cute.” You should know better.

Even worse are shameful dads who allow their daughters to parade around all but naked. What on Earth are you thinking? It’s your daughter for God’s sake! And students who still have a shred of self-respect should not have to feel pressure to wear such scandalous clothes.

It is time to hold parents, students and schools accountable for allowing children to dress in a provocative fashion. The bottom line is twofold: educators have a responsibility to guide young ladies to become young ladies. Secondly, male students and teachers must not be forced to learn and work in what can only be called a disruptive and offensive or harassing environment.

School is supposed to be a place of work, respect and discipline. Unacceptably the three R’s have turned from reading, writing, and arithmetic to raunchy, rude, and reprehensible.

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    concerned teacher

    I just want to set the record straight. The author and I teach at the same high school and everything he states in this article is FAR from the truth! Yes, a few students, BOYS and girls, violate the dress code and those students are dealt with by the faculty and administration. However, such students are the exception. Most of the students are well-behaved, respectful and appropriately dressed for school. Furthermore, the majority of the parents that I have encountered in my years at the school are not as the author describes. The author and I teach at a great school with wonderful students and they do not deserve to have a teacher write such a libelous article about them.

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    A Student Of Yours

    As a female student of Mr. Kalahar’s, the first word that comes to mind after reading this article is disappointment: disappointment in Mr. Kalahar’s opinion towards the young women he teaches, disappointment in my school for not taking any action against this man, and even disappointment in American Thinker for publishing such an article. Mostly, though, I am disappointed in Mr. Kalahar. This is my second year having him as a teacher, and I must say I have lost near to- if not all- respect for him. Last year we developed a close relationship, and this year I have tried to keep my mouth shut while girls gossiped about his latest ridiculousness, but I will stay silent no more. If anything I feel betrayed that he would write such slander about the girls at our school. There are so many bright, strong young women he has had the honor to teach and he has deeply insulted all of them with this piece. Truthfully, I’m not even sure who he could be referring to in this article because I’ve never come across a girl as offensive as he describes. That said, I will confidently state that what he published is a gross overstatement; an exaggeration; a border-line lie of the female student-body at his school.

    This is appropriate for him, though, because it’s exactly how he teaches. He has an extremist view on everything; there has never been any grey area in his lessons or even personal conservations. As a student, I would like to receive the facts and create my own opinions, but unfortunately he takes this option away by cramming his own down our throats.

    For some reason people have been trying to jump on the “school uniform” bandwagon. May I say, this article has nothing to do with school uniforms and everything to do with a perverted man tardy of retirement. School uniforms will fix very little, if anything. The only person who seems to have a problem with the dress of students is Mr. Kalahar. My advice to him would be to leave. He would be disappointing no one by packing his bags and being gone by tomorrow morning. Many of the comments I have read that are for Mr. Kalahar’s point of view include something about being from the 70s or the 80s or some past time… to these people I would like to say: Check your calendar. This is 2013. Guess what? Women are different now and you can’t control us as you wish you could. If you don’t like what you see- stop looking. Women have always been sexual objects in a man’s eye. And now you are trying to tell us that the way we dress is sexually harassing? You seem to be forgetting that we don’t dress for you and actually care nothing about your opinion.

    Back to being a student, I personally have never been dress-coded by Mr. Kalahar (but then again I’m not well-endowed so he has no reason to look), but I have witnessed him dress-code fellow female peers. I cringe thinking about it. First, he looks you up and down. He does this to nearly every girl who walks into his classroom. Once he’s gotten a good gander, he focuses on the victims he thinks might not be “appropriately covered.” Not only focuses, though- he stares… specifically at the area “not being covered appropriately,” which is usually the chest, butt, or midriff area. After a few seconds of this, when he decides he would like to dress-code and ultimately humiliate you in front of the class, he pulls the trigger- handing you a slip to fill out which also signals a suggested resignation from the classroom. The sweet irony of this is that his actions disrupt and distract the classroom more than the original problem of the girl’s attire does. Mr. Kalahar has become obsessive over what girls on campus are wearing, and if not perverted it is most definitely creepy. The worrisome part of this whole thing- which most seem to be overlooking- is right here in the comments. How many people have said that they felt uncomfortable and sexually harassed in Mr. Kalahar’s classroom? This should not be tolerated and girls should not have to try to learn in such an environment. I can think of at least two examples of CLEAR sexual harassment by Mr. Kalahar for which I was an eye-witness to. Perhaps the students have not spoken out about it because this man seems untouchable (for some odd reason, other than the fact he’s just good at covering his butt), but after this article I hope these occurrences are reported and taken seriously.

    I have really tried to forget about this whole thing. I hate giving this man any more attention- because posting this article was a cry for just that- but this cannot go on unrecognized or without consequences. I cannot stand the thought of letting him just get away with this- insulting not only his female students (and their parents), but also his own school. Dear Mr. Kalahar- you always tell us that we act out with “overbehaviors” to try to answer the famous “Who am I?” question. Clearly you’ve also been having trouble with this, and I’d like to help you answer it. You are a chauvinistic pig whose perverted overbehavior is obsessing over young girls and how they act, look, and dress. Perhaps you should take a deeper look- because we all know knowledge is greatest at its source- and think about the women in your life. The wife you never mention, and perhaps the daughter you couldn’t control. This article is not about his female students- but rather about Mr. Kalahar himself and how sick he has come to be.

    A last note to you, Mr. Kalahar, would be that I hope you read this comment. I have confidence you will because I know how arrogant you are. You frequently promote your own publishings and later mention comments made on them. Do me a favor and take this one to heart, because you’ve hardened mine towards you as a teacher, a man, and a human being.

  3. Avatar

    I believe your argument is invalid. I am a student at which you teach at and probably are referring to when I too deem your behavior on the manner as just as inappropriate as the attire to which you are addressing.

    Just as you have the freedom to speak freely about your beliefs, students have the right to wear what they wish within dress code guidelines. This is not a if, and, or but situation. Frankly you do not have much say in the matter overall.

    Expressing your beliefs to the internet in which nothing goes away is unprofessional and does not set a positive image for yourself. Once again, you will argue that “girls posting suggestive pictures on the internet is bad.” I would assume, this is the same thing. I do not approve with your choice of action at all.

    it is not the clothes being worn that is inappropriate, it is ones’ perception of them. I’ve grown up seeing the anatomy in a non sexual manner and in your professional life you certainly should too. It is completely inappropriate for a teacher such as yourself to be concerned as to the apparel the women around our school are wearing.

    Lastly you really should stop referring to the women around the school in a derogatory manner. They are equal and you have to realize that. I am a guy and I’m sorry to say I’m ashamed you are one of us by all of the reasons listed above. These are young adults and you are referring to them as little children. You earn my respect you don’t automatically gain it for being older. If you aren’t going to respect the students of the school, please explain why we should respect you?

    Frustrated student (one of the many)

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