Three ways headteachers can boost student welfare

Jan 21, 2021 by

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Pupils should be every school principal’s top priority. Their schooling, their relationships with their teachers, and their personal development make a head teacher’s job a very tough one. Though one that is immensely rewarding.

With that in mind, here are three of the things every school principal needs to consider.

#1 Mental Welfare

The mental welfare of pupils is very important. This may require students to be open about their home lives and their relationships within the school. Mental welfare is a sensitive subject, especially in teenagers and those taking exams, as issues can be very difficult to pinpoint.

Helping students with mental illnesses or those experiencing symptoms should be a key area of the schooling system. Children who may be affected by abuse at home or even from other students might be very difficult to keep track of, and problems that arise within the various communities at the school may be difficult to tackle, especially when they concern acts of racial prejudice or religious discrimination.

These can be difficult problems to resolve, and it can affect how students behave around their peers, especially if they are seen as different from the ethnic or religious majority.

Boosting the morale of students who have a mental disability is also exceptionally high on a headmaster’s list of priorities, and helping them get through a school day can be challenging, especially if other students aren’t cooperative.

It is essential that school principals try and integrate students and have them embrace positive support ideologies within the school.

#2 School Insurance

Specialist school insurance helps support not only the physical well being of the school against losses from fires and floods but helps protect the students while they are within the school premises.

It helps ensure their safety and makes them eligible for compensation if they are hurt by school property or damage the educational amenities.

This also protects school property if a disruptive student purposely damages or destroys a teaching resource. Not only does this compensate the school financially, but also enables the rapid replacement of the item so that disruption to teaching is minimised.

#3 Physical Welfare

A student’s physical welfare is just as important as their mental wellbeing. This not only relates to their overall health within the school but also any injuries sustained outside school or the results of any physical abuse.

If a student has a physical disability, the school principal must ensure the student’s needs are being met by both the teaching staff and their fellow pupils so they can integrate into the school more easily.

Also, school principals need to ensure a student’s safety if there is violence on school grounds. This could be in the form of a stabbing or more regularly a fight. Headmasters have to try and halt all escalations of violence among students in their care.

However, when a student is hurt by another pupil outside of school grounds, they should do all they can to prevent anything similar from happening again.

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