Thurston County parents plead for a return to school

Nov 13, 2020 by

About 20 parents addressed the Thurston County Board of Health this week.

Despite a recent rise in COVID-19 cases and concerns about a wider spread of the virus over the winter, nearly 20 parents pleaded for a return to school this week during a Thurston County Board of Health meeting.

Some appeared in person at the Tuesday afternoon meeting, and many called in by phone, but all delivered the same message: Get our kids back into school.

“I implore the Board of Health to allow us to find ways, even creative ways, to get our kids back in school for the sake of their mental health,” said parent Frank Durocher, who said he has two children in the Olympia School District.

Concerns about mental health were a common theme. The parents talked, sometimes tearfully, about depression, isolation and students who used to perform well in school but are now struggling with online classes. They also expressed frustration that private schools, and some public schools in other counties, are in school, but not here.

One parent questioned who ultimately makes the decision to reopen schools. He said it falls to school administrators and not the health officer, and yet her recommendations are followed.

Source: Thurston County parents plead for a return to school | The Olympian

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