Tim Talley: Lace Up and Spirit Up

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An Interview with Tim Talley: Lace Up and Spirit Up

Michael F. Shaughnessy

1) Tim, first of all, can you tell us a bit about you and what you do ?

I’m Tim Talley Founder/Creator and CEO of U-Lace Sneaker Customizing Laces. I have a very small in-house team so that means I do pretty much everything from writing contracts, making sales pitches, designing sales materials and other collateral to designing new products and continuing to trend spot. I am really the Chief Whatever It Takes to Get Done Officer. I took all of my experience and learning as an engineer, marketer, product designer, problem solver and trend spotter gained form years of working for big brands and as an entrepreneur to launch and build U-Lace into a global brand, sold in over 50 countries.

2) Now, where did this idea for Sneaker laces come from ?

During a trend spotting trip to Tokyo to seek inspiration for a new product. I came upon a pair of sneakers laced in 6 colors at the same time. Upon closer inspection I realized that the shop owner had laced 6 different colors 46″ laces into the sneakers and hid the excess lace inside. This was however what inspired me to develop U-Lace.

3) What colors do they come in and what is so distinctive about them?

U-Lace comes in 50 colors. What makes them so distinctive is that they are modular segments of lace that empower consumers to lace multiple colors and patterns into their sneakers. You can lace as many colors as there are sets of eyelets with no extra to hide under the tongue. They quickly and easily pop in and pop back out meaning you can customize your sneakers again and again. They also transform lace-up sneakers into slip-ons that never need to be tied. And they look like real shoelaces when installed.

4) School Spirit is one of those important things—how can these sneaker laces help ?

Whether your school/team has 2 or 3 or even 4 colors U-Lace allows you to quickly, easily and affordably lace them into your sneakers. And since there are well over 50 lacing patterns every kid in school could have a different look while sporting the same team colors.

U-Lace is also the perfect product for School Fund raising. One of the first and only products that boost school spirit while also boosting fundraising profits for schools, clubs and sports teams.

5) Tell us about Mark Cuban and Shark Tank ( I watch that show myself)

Being on Shark Tank was awesome. The show gave us much needed exposure and helped us land the biggest Shark of them all; Multi-Billionaire Mark Cuban. Working with Mark is great. He gives great advice and feedback and support – but in the end he expects me to drive the business forward. He’s just there to help with the resources he has.

6) Do you have a web site?

Yes – www.u-lace.com

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