Time for America To Stand Together

Jul 24, 2017 by

“Time for America To Stand Together”

By Donna Garner


Full text of Jared Kushner’s statement to Congressional committees –


I hope all of us realize that we are in a fight to regain our country from the very damaging years under Obama. The LGBTQ/Common Core social justice agenda and indoctrination have permeated our country, particularly our nation’s youth.

Now under President Trump we are fighting to Make America Great Again and drive out the leftist ideas sown into America’s culture. The Russian collusion/delusion is the way that the leftists are trying to distract and stop Trump’s efforts.

We need to be thankful that Jared Kushner as well as Donald Trump Jr. have nothing to hide and have demonstrated that by releasing their full Congressional statements ahead of time to the American public.

The Dems/media/RINO’s want to stop the Trump platform by perk walking Trump’s children and by impeaching him.

This is anarchy built upon lies and false news since we the American people duly elected Trump as our President.

Now it is time for all of us to stand with President Trump and demonstrate our courage and conviction.

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