Almost Time To Decide – Cruz or Trump?

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“Almost Time To Decide – Cruz or Trump?”

By Donna Garner



[I have put together a montage of various audio/video clips and articles (mostly very short) so that you can decide for yourself which candidate is the authentic conservative and deserves to be President of the United States. – Donna Garner]




1.18.16 – Ted Cruz on the Kuhner Report: 






Uploaded on 1.14.16 – “Trump’s New York Values in His Own Words”





1.21.16 – “Evangelicals Shouldn’t Buy Trump’s Clumsy Christianity” —  By Tom Delay, Former Majority Leader of House of Representatives –Texas Tribune

Excerpts from this article:

The ideal presidential candidate has God at the core of their life and the Constitution at the center of their philosophy of government.

That candidate is not Donald Trump.




1.21.16 — Your Handy-Dandy Voters’ Guide – Cruz vs. Trump —


Please be sure to click each item on the list which will take you to the source.


This Voters’ Guide has been prepared by Doug Ross, The Lonely





1.21.16 –  “Washington Loves Donald Trump More Than Ted Cruz” — By Erick Erickson – The Resurgent


Excerpts from this article:

The Washington political establishment would prefer Donald Trump to Ted Cruz because they see Donald Trump is more likely to preserve their access to power and status quo. Suddenly Donald Trump’s campaign thinks being hated by Washington disqualifies Ted Cruz for office after campaigning for months on how much he’d rock Washington’s world. Does it not bear just a little skepticism on the part of his supporters that suddenly being liked by Washington matters?

And it’s not like Washington’s hatred of Ted Cruz is made up. They’ve been attacking him since he got there. They’ve also, by the way, been coddling up to Donald Trump since 2011 and seeking his money.



1.18.16 – “Documents Show Donald Trump’s New York Values Do NOT Include Giving To 9/11 Charities” – by Caleb Howe – RedState.com






“Did Trump Vote for Obama?” —




1.21.16 – “Conservatives Against Trump” – by Glenn Beck – National Review


Excerpts from this article:


…Over the years, there have been endless fractures in the façade of individual freedom, but three policies provided the fuel that lit the tea-party fire: the stimulus, the auto bailouts, and the bank bailouts.


Barack Obama supported all three. So did Donald Trump.


While conservatives fought against the stimulus, Donald Trump said it was “what we need,” praising Obama’s schemes of “building infrastructure, building great projects, putting people to work in that sense.”


While conservatives fought against the auto bailouts, Donald Trump claimed “the government should stand behind [the auto companies] 100 percent” because “they make wonderful products.”


While conservatives fought against the bank bailouts, Donald Trump called them “something that has to get done.” Let his reasoning sink in for a second: “[The government] can take over companies, and, frankly, take big chunks of companies.”


When conservatives desperately needed allies in the fight against big government, Donald Trump didn’t stand on the sidelines. He consistently advocated that your money be spent, that your government grow, and that your Constitution be ignored.


…If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, there will once again be no opposition to an ever-expanding government. This is a crisis for conservatism.


And, once again, this crisis will not go to waste.



1.17.16 – “Donald Trump Breaks Laws on Job Sites”






8.22.15 — “Trump Is Said To Have Suppressed This Film for 25 Years”  





1.21.16 – “Know Who Else Has Received Loans from Citibank and Goldman Sachs? Donald Trump.” – by Leon H. Wolf – —

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