Time Magazine Supports Radical Muslims

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TIME Magazine keeps licking the jackboots of the global jihad time and time again. According to TIME magazine, Buddhist monk = face of terror (no, this is not the Onion). Next they’ll have Mother Theresa with a bomb strapped to her habit.

Why doesn’t the media ever ask, hmmmmm, everywhere Muslims immigrate there is conflict. The higher the population, the bigger the conflict. Why is that?

Buddhist monks have to carry guns for self-defense. Think about that. Don’t buy the Muslim myth of victimhood in Burma. What’s comical is that Buddhism really is a religion of peace.

“The term Rohingya is never known to history, nor it is ever recorded in the official documents as the designation of a Muslim coterie in Rakhaing, ostensibly cross-bred by Arab castaways. It is only a belied term employed by the alien Muslim separatists, with the object of advancing a legal claim to ethnic grouping of the Union of Burma. The Imperialist British, who ruled the Indian Empire, named them Chittagonians after the Chittagong District of East Bengal, where from they originated. The term Rohingya, therefore, is synonym of alien Chittagonian separatists or jihadist Mujtahid.” — The Rohingya Hoax

Burma Bans Time Magazine Labeling Monk as ‘Face of Terror’ VOA (thanks to Lookmann)

Burma has banned distribution of a Time Magazine cover story that portrays a fundamentalist Burmese monk as an inciter of terrorism against Muslims.

In a statement late Tuesday, the Burmese government said the ban is aimed at preventing a recurrence of violence between majority Buddhists and minority Muslims.

The magazine cover features a photo of the fundamentalist monk known as Wirathu, with the Buddhistwords “The Face of Buddhist Terror.”

Officials said a committee investigating recent Buddhist-Muslim violence made the decision to block the magazine cover and accompanying article. It is not clear whether the rest of Time Magazine’s latest issue will be distributed in Burma.

Radical monks, such as Wirathu, have been urging Burmese Buddhists to boycott Muslim-owned businesses and avoid marriages with Muslims. His critics say the boycott appeals have encouraged Buddhist extremists to commit violence against Muslims.

Wirathu insists he is a man of peace. Many Buddhists have objected to the Time Magazine story, saying it distorts the peaceful nature of their faith.

Wirathu was jailed in 2003 for inciting deadly anti-Muslim riots, but was released in 2012 as part of a general amnesty. Some analysts say new freedoms of speech introduced in Burma since the end of military-rule have made it easier for radicals to promote their views.

Deadly confrontations between Burmese Buddhists and Muslims have killed more than 200 people in the past year, most of them Muslims.

via Burma Bans Time Magazine Labeling Monk as ‘Face of Terror’.

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