Time to ban phones in schools: Cross-party MSPs call for Holyrood investigation

Feb 11, 2018 by

SENIOR MSPs want the Scottish Parliament to investigate banning the use of mobile phones in schools as the only way to tackle the epidemic of boys taking sexual pictures of women teachers and schoolgirls without their knowledge or consent.

Teachers are horrified at the levels of such abuse – known in the classroom as ‘upskirting’ and ‘downblousing’ – which see female teachers and schoolgirls photographed unwittingly by male pupils who then share the sexual images amongst each other. Such actions are serious criminal offences which carry hefty prison sentences and also see offenders placed on the sex offenders register for long periods. If such cases come to court an offender can expect 18 months in jail and ten years on the register.

MSPs across the political divide say a ban may be the only solution to the problem. Keir Bloomer, a leading Scottish educationalist, described the use of phones in schools as “an instrument of abuse”, arguing that a French-style ban should be introduced where children are allowed to bring phones but are barred from using them in school time.

The teaching union NASUWT, which wants tighter restrictions on phones in schools, says women teachers are suffering harm to their “physical and mental health and wellbeing”. Similarly, teenage girls are also left distraught by such abuse.

Source: Time to ban phones in schools: Cross-party MSPs call for Holyrood investigation | HeraldScotland

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