Tips for a camper trip through Canada

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You want to make a camper trip through Canada, but where do you start the organization? Is it best to rent a camper in advance or only when you are in Canada? And what about spending the night as a camper in Canada? To get this clear, we have a number of tips for you, so that you can make a carefree camper trip.


Of course you must have your Canada visa. After that, you can continue with other steps. You have just decided that you want to travel through Canada with a camper. To realize this dream you often start looking for (travel) organizations that offer this possibility. Because where do you actually rent such a camper on the other side of the world? If you prefer to do it yourself, it is useful to choose an organization that you feel comfortable with. For example, you can read holiday makers through reviews, experiences of others. In addition, the price / quality ratio is also very important. So ask yourself the following questions: how long and when do I want to go? Which areas do I want to see anyway? How many kilometers do I want to drive? And how much luxury do I want? If you have answered these questions, you can start requesting a quote. Also make sure you have a credit card, the landlords usually ask for this.

Which motorhome suits you?

Some landlords work with flex rates, this means that they look at the demand and the supply at that time. So the prices of the campers can be far apart. You also have to look at which areas you are going to travel. For example, if you are going to travel around Yukon, a Truck Camper is highly recommended. Yukon is in fact an area with many unpaved roads and with a Truck Camper you have the right location on these roads.

Which landlord?

In addition to organized camper trips you can of course also organize everything yourself. There are numerous providers in Canada where you have the space to put everything together yourself. The landlords offer a variety of luxury motorhomes to basic motorhomes. If you prefer to save a little more money on renting a motorhome, Cruise Canada is a suitable option. Always request multiple quotes so that you can compare. Please note: Do not book the camper directly the first day of arrival, as it is mandatory to rest for one day due to a jet lag.

What do you want to see in Canada?

Before you plan your journey it is important to ask yourself if you would rather see West or Eastern Canada. Most tourists choose the west, but the east also has several beautiful hotspots. While in the west you are more likely to spot ‘wildlife’, in the east you have the beautiful cities of Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. You also see many fjords and waterfalls in the east and you have more chance of seeing whales. In the west you will come face to face with black bears, grizzly bears, mountain sheep, moose and sea lions. In addition, you will also encounter various glaciers, fjords and waterfalls here.

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