Tips For Moving Awkward Furniture

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Moving would be easy if all we had to do was carry some boxes. Unfortunately, most of us have large furniture. Furniture moving is often the trickiest part of relocating. Before you move awkward furniture and end up creating a mess, follow these tips to make the task easier.  

Plan it out

The first step is to plan out how you’re going to get your furniture into the building. It’s no good moving a fridge up some stairs and then finding out that it won’t fit through the door at the top. 

You also need to make sure you have enough people to carry everything. Even small items like bedside tables are better carried by two people, even if you think you can do it alone.

The trick here is to get out your tape measure. Make sure you know the measurements for all the furniture you’re going to move, and for all the doorways and spaces that you’ll have to move through. 

Invite your friends or family to help you so that you have as many people as you need for lifting. By taking the time to plan things, your move will go much more smoothly.  

Make sure you have the right tools

Next, make sure you have all the tools that you need. Don’t wait to discover that a task is too difficult before deciding that you need a dolly

You will need a blanket or loose cardboard on the floor to avoid scuff marks and scratches. Most damage is caused by failing to think ahead. Make a list of all the items that you’ll need, such as a dolly, blankets, moving pads, loose cardboard, tape measure, and Twine. 

When moving furniture that has doors or drawers, they will need to be secured so they don’t flap open. Leave them secured until the furniture is in its permanent position. 

Make sure you have all the straps that you need to help you carry awkward items and avoid straining your back. A mattress sling will help here, as it allows you to carry a mattress without having to bend over. Stair rollers and glides are also useful. 

Disassemble as much as you can

Before moving any large bulky items try to disassemble them. Remove as many pieces as you can to make carrying it easier. 

Don’t leave items inside of drawers or cupboards. Remove all contents as well as any hanging clothes. 

Remove the legs and casters from the furniture. Remove knobs from drawers and handles from doors. Basically, remove anything that sticks out. You don’t want any protruding parts that might catch on a doorway or scratch a wall. 

Protect your furniture 

No matter how careful you are, it’s easy to make a clumsy mistake while carrying something heavy. 

Think about protecting your furniture before something bad happens. Use furniture blankets and pads for protection. Make sure that each layer is firmly secured. 

It’s very easy to damage something by bumping into a doorway or handrail.  Take the time to properly wrap your furniture to ensure that there won’t be any accidents. 

It’s no use cursing about a scratch Mark that could have easily been prevented. 

You also need to protect the building where you’re carrying furniture. Polished floorboards can easily be scuffed. Wallpaper can get torn. Door handles can be broken off. 

If an item is very heavy, make sure to use dollies to help you. Many accidents happen when you run out of stamina so conserve your strength whenever you can. 

Moving up stairs

Moving furniture into a second-floor apartment can be very tricky. Whenever you have to traverse stairs you will need someone to help you.

You should never risk moving furniture up stairs by yourself. The chance of the furniture sliding back and injuring you is high. And even if you aren’t injured your furniture will be. 

When two people are carrying furniture, take stock of each person’s size. When you have one person who is shorter than the other, the shorter person should go up the stairs first, with the taller person bringing up the rear. 

The person at the top will have to move backward while carrying furniture, so both of you will need to move very slowly. The person at the top should call out the timing and lead the operation. The person at the bottom should look ahead and let the person at the top know if there are any obstacles behind them. 

Getting around doorways

When you move furniture through a doorway, success depends on having enough room to maneuver. Since most buildings have stairs and walkways that run along the side of the building, you will, almost always, have to turn to get through a door.  

When moving something long like a couch, it may not be impossible to turn while holding it horizontally. In this case, you will need to tilt it up vertically.

This makes it very easy to turn, and if it clears the doorway like this then your job will be an easy one. If the couch is too long to clear the doorway, you will have to hold it on an angle as you work it through. 

While doing this, be especially careful about the bottom of the couch. This is the time where it’s most likely to get damaged. 

If necessary put some padding under the end of the couch or use a dolly. Try not to let the couch touch the floor. The friction may cause the material to be torn and ruined. 

Keep safety in mind

It is essential to think about safety before moving any awkward furniture. The number one injury most people get during moving is a strained back. 

Be sure to use appropriate tools like straps, dollies, glides, and rollers. Spare yourself from hauling heavy items in an awkward position. 

Also, make sure you have enough help. Even if you think two people will be enough to carry things, don’t forget that you will get tired if you are moving a lot of furniture. It’s a good idea to have several people who can rotate through the tasks. 

Remember, accidents happen when you get tired. If you’re feeling achy and worn out, it will be difficult to concentrate on the task, and that’s when things can go wrong. But as long as you follow this guide, and planned out your move carefully, you will reduce the risk of injury significantly.  

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