Tips For Selecting The Best Beard Comb

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Your beard is bound to become more stubborn and unruly as it grows in length and volume. This makes it imperative to invest in a top-notch comb which will set the stage for bear balms, oils and waxes to create its magic. The best beard comb is the one which can be carried around in a hassle-free manner for imparting a drastic makeover to your beard whenever needed by making it look tangle-free, styled and even longer. But, in a market filled with innumerable options, it can become arduous to find the one which shall suit all your needs. We have prepared a list of pre-requisites which you need to keep in mind while proceeding to the decision of bringing home the beard comb to suit your requirements.

  • Material

The quality of a plastic comb worth $5 will obviously be much different from that of a wooden comb worth $30. It is crucial to find the right material for grooming your beard effortlessly. Cheap and low quality comb can tear your beard apart courtesy the microscopic jagged splits located between each tooth. The flawed construction of these beards having uneven and tiny splits can create static and friction while you try to comb your beard using the same. While combing your beard, it is advisable to stick to sandalwood materials which brings along a relaxing aroma making the whole beard grooming drill feel like a richer experience rather than a painful chore. Alternatively, you can also opt for cellulose acetate plastic material which glides through your beard without tagging along the hazardous effects of inferior plastic combs. Such combs come with rounded, polished and bevelled edges which ensure that the teeth are free from microscopic jagged edges which are surely not your beard’s beast friend. The Buffalo Ox Horn variants are also gaining rapid popularity in the market for beard combs as they do not produce harmful static by trapping electric charges like the cheap plastic ones. These combs are well-stocked with keratin which is known to protect our epithelial cells from stress or damage.

  • Teeth Size

There exists a myriad of teeth sizes to choose from. But the deciding factor gets determined by the state of your beard. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid combs having a prickly ending as that can damage your skin and hair. Men with massive beards should opt for wide teethed combs. Fine teethed ones can be of great help for beginners having short beards who are on the lookout for a professional and the more kempt bearded appearance. Medium teethed ones are the best options for men who wish to soften and groom their beard without making it look overly groomed.

  • Distribution & Absorption Of Oils

Certain comb materials serve as beard conditioners given their inherent ability to redistribute collected oils evenly over each hair follicle. After all, the last thing you would want is a dry and scaly beard. A sandalwood comb, for example, can moisturize and alleviate hairs when used along with beard oil for that suave look.

The list can be pretty lengthy when it comes to choosing the perfect beard comb. But our beginner tips are sure to get your grooming scene sorted. Ultimately, your beard needs and preference will shape the course of determining the comb which works best for you.

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