Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College

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Buddha said that life is full of suffering! One can always churn out the practical and spiritual meaning of the saying in their way. But it surely points towards one thing – that there are umpteen challenges in life. Whether you focus on the professional, personal and academic experience, problems appear unexpectedly. Talking of the academic world, a lot of students find it difficult to survive the first year of their college. The shift from school to college is always overwhelming. But with this comes issues such as bullying, ragging and other emotional worries that at times make the first year of college appear like a nightmare. 

Searching for solutions is the ideal way of leading life! So, when you face never-ending challenges in your first year of college life, it is important to say yes to smart survival and coping mechanisms. Students don’t earn to consult a therapist. But speaking with good friends and reading helpful tips are always useful. You can also refer to Surviving College for guidance during this complicated time. Discussed below are some of the easy to understand and execute guidelines to better your situation:

  1. Keep an open mind

When you walk into a new arena of your life, it is essential to stay judgment and bias free. It keeps you away from forming pointless judgments. Excess judging limits the entry of good friends into your life. So, go ahead and keep an open mind about people you meet and observe.

  • Make it a point to connect with other people

Making contact doesn’t usually mean meeting and only exchanging glances and greetings with other impactful people.  There’s more you need to do, for instance starting a conversation. And for people who are reserved talking with other in an extrovert way is often an issue. It is much simpler to keep yourself concealed in your world. You can browse online, download and share the memes and socialize when you have to. When you want to know people, you will have to connect and talk with them. Meeting and knowing new people are easy. And there’s always a chance of making a new and faithful friend.

  • Arrange your finances well

Most college students have to manage their financial burden as well.  Some students have a student loan to pay. However, most students are entitled to the pocket money. And there are situations when they tend to overspend and are then caught up in a fix. Hence, it is always better to chalk out a plan monitoring their finances and expenses. It will help them spend on the crucial needs, such as buying a book and also manage their cash effectively for future requirements. If you don’t, then lack of money can cause tension and aggravate your life condition.

  • Drop your social phobias

Students in their first year of college are over-enthusiastic about every event or happening in and out of the campus! Else they are detached. This extreme behavioral pattern is not the best way to be. Sometimes, students don’t want to miss out on a single thing and end up being everywhere. While that initially feels good, it is tiring after a point of time.

Similarly, not mixing up and attending campus events can make one feel isolated. Social phobias rule both these behavior patterns. It is important to let that go gradually and mix with a vast pool of students and make new friends.

  • Not to feel peer pressure at all

Everyone from time to time has to deal with peer pressure. That same applies to first-year college students. Peer pressure dictates decisions like the activities that you have to participate on vis-a-vis the way others expect you to be. One of the best ways to steer clear from it is by talking it out with a close friend. And for that, you will have to stay open to new friends and friendships.

  • Be willing to make new friendships

College days become lonely when you don’t have proper friends to count on! To cope with study and other social challenges, you first need to be open to new friends. When you have own group of friends, you can talk your heart out to them and get a perspective that is wise and useful.

  • Say no to bullying at the first go

Every college has the practice of ragging in some way or the other. Till such time it is limited to funny and healthy jokes, fun and games it’s perfect. However, if the same stretches beyond the limit and becomes a brutal bullying tactic on someone, there’s no need to endure it. Protesting and reacting is the obvious solution. You can be firm about your protest and let your teachers know, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Nothing comes easy in life! You will always have to learn the best lessons the hardest ways. So, don’t fret the first year of your college. As there’s a solution for every challenge that you face! So, go all out and embrace this phase of your life with courage and a positive attitude.

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