Tips in Studying Abroad as Transfer Student

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Studying abroad does not only look impressive in your resume moreover, this gives you a wider and new perspective in many things. It opens your eyes to see more of the world. The experience that you get is truly more than books can offer. However, studying abroad also requires different considerations and preparations to help you succeed. In this article, we will share some tips for people out there who are planning to study abroad.

Tip 1: Speak to a Guidance Counselor

There are countless of opportunities when studying abroad but it is important to choose the best one for you. Thus, it is recommendable to consult with a guidance counselor whether from your current university or at the institution that you’re transferring to. You need a professional guide whether what’s the right course to take so you can finish on time.

Tip 2: Choose your destination strategically

It is advisable to carefully choose where you want to study abroad. Are you interested in economics? Then it is best to choose a large city that is known for stable economy like Tokyo, London, New York or Singapore. Singapore international school is a great choice if decided to study in Asia. Well if your main goal is to improve linguistic skills and interested in learning another language like Spanish or Mandarin then you should go to Spain or China to learn from native speakers. When choosing your destination, you should clearly know your goals.

Tip 3: Talk to someone who has done it

It would be great to talk to someone who has studied or is currently studying abroad. This way, you will have ideas on things to expect or pick up some important pointers that you can use. Every little tip would be great like where to rent a place, best coffee shop to study, classes to take or not take and many more.

Tip 4: Research for financial aid options

Your current financial aid package may be different to financial aid options available in the country you’ve chosen to study. Therefore, it is best that you research about available financial options that you can avail. If you’re an athlete, then you should ask for scholarships offered for a foreign student like yourself.

Tip 5: Consider Additional Activities that you May Take

There are additional programs you can contribute while studying abroad. If you’re looking to have an even more impressive resume, then you should consider doing internship program or doing volunteer works. It is recommendable to choose programs that are directly related to the course that you are currently taking. However, if you plan to just enjoy and travel while studying then that’s fine too. You can come up with itineraries to ensure that you will cover all bases during the entire semester abroad.

It is highly recommendable to travel the world to learn new things through personal experience. Studying abroad is one way to do this. But before you pack your bag and fly, make sure to consider the tips that we discussed here to ensure that you are fully prepared and committed.

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