Tips for Sending Your Child to College

Oct 27, 2017 by

For the millions of parents planning to send their son or daughter off to college this fall, there is more to that than just making travel arrangements and ordering items for college life. Sending your child to college is often a period of mixed feelings of nostalgia and excitement for your child as they enter a new stage in their life.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, some 20.4 million students are expected to join American colleges and universities. To ensure a smooth transition for you and your child during this hectic period and CLEP exams, you should keep in mind some of these tips as you send them off to college.

Prepare in Advance

No matter how well you plan, there will always be unexpected things that will come up as the start of college approaches. To avoid frustrations or delays, have as much done as you can before the time comes. Don’t just shop and pack and think everything is ready. Preparation is key. Take time to discuss important topics with your child.

Talk about finances and the importance of having a tentative student budget and discuss topics like drugs and alcohol, safe sex and safety, especially for young females. Don’t shy away from bringing up these issues openly and comfortably. Also, discuss academic goals and expectations with your child while encouraging him or her to take ownership of his or her education.

Getting to College

It’s almost that time when your child will be leaving for college, but are you ready? Getting to college can be quite a hectic time for both parents and soon-to-be college students. The logistics involved can be quite overwhelming if you don’t plan well. If you’re not sure about what your child should pack, check with the college for a list of what’s needed and what’s provided.

Ensure they pack clothing appropriate to the seasons and geographical location of the college. Day-to-day essentials should also be packed separately. How will your child get to college? Ask yourself: Should you let your college student drive cross country this fall?

Instead of letting your child drive to college, especially if they are traveling a long distance with a loaded up car, how about you opt for a safer and better way to get them to campus? For convenience and safety reasons, consider shipping their car to them in college. The most important thing is working with an experienced auto transport company for reliable services.


Inform your child about how you’ll communicate, While you don’t want to be an overly concerned parent, it’s always important to keep in touch. Do you want to plan time to talk or will you just be calling spontaneously? You’re likely to receive calls when your child needs some reassurance. College life can have its own share of problems.

Rather than trying to solve all your child’s problems, be a good coach and be supportive. You should also keep your child informed of any changes or developments at home and about the family. They need this in order to maintain some form of trust and feel secure.

Be Prepared for Changes

College is a time of transition for both parent and child. You may find your child a bit different after some time in college. Your child will gain knowledge and additional skills as he or she learns and interacts with others, so expect some changes in how they see themselves, how they eat, who they hang out with and how they interact with the rest of the family.

The key here is being prepared to deal with these changes. Don’t be surprised at the sudden change of character or personality differences. With time, you will adjust to the new changes. Allow flexibility and freedom when it comes to your child making personal decisions and also keep in mind these additional tips before sending off your child to college.

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