Tips to Improve Your Chances of Promotion

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You may want to climb the ladder of the profession you are in but could be concerned about the best way to go about it. There are possibly promotion prospects within the company you already work for, or it could mean you have to move on to new pastures. Whatever the case, here are a few tips to help you on your way up.

Have Confidence

You need to have confidence in your own abilities. If you don’t, you cannot expect superiors to have any confidence in you. If they ask you to carry out a task you have never done before, don’t refuse. Find out how it is done and show them you are a quick learner. Letting your boss see that you have the confidence to face challenges will help with your future prospects.

New Qualifications

Being able to add a new qualification to your existing ones will always look good if you are being considered for a higher position. You can gain most qualifications online and study for them in your spare time while you are still working. For instance, earning a master’s degree in education online can give you a large choice of jobs from teaching young children, to teaching teachers, or eventually becoming the head of an educational facility.

The more qualifications you have, the more chance you will have in moving forward with your career, and there is no limit on how many online courses you can do.

Show Drive and Determination

You cannot expect to be promoted just because you are good at the job you are doing. You need to be prepared to help others and show the drive and determination to get a job done. This will allow you to show your boss that you have more skills than the ones you were employed for.

Be a Leader

Workers who are leaders rather than followers will always progress further in their careers. If you want a promotion, you have to show that you can encourage other workers to do their best, that you are a team player that others turn to. Leaders are the natural choice for promotion, as often moving up the ladder means managing people as well.

Don’t Make Yourself Irreplaceable

If you make yourself irreplaceable, even if your name is mentioned with promotion in mind, your immediate superior is likely to block the move.

Be a Problem Solver

If you spot a way that could make your company more efficient, never be afraid to pass the information on to the right person. If there is a problem in the workplace and you can see the answer, step forward and solve it as soon as you can. This will get you noticed by the hierarchy of the business and you will more likely spring to mind when a promotion becomes available.

If all else fails and you know a position is becoming available, apply for it or just go and ask your boss if you can be promoted. You may get a few setbacks in your quest to move up the ladder, but never give up, as your turn will come.

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