Tips to Prepare for Entrance Exam!

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What strikes the mind of the majority of students when they decide to go for higher studies? Of course, entrance exams! Every year students give entrance exams for college admission; however, only some of them get selected.

Are you the one who is also planning to pursue exams this year? If yes, then you must follow the below-given tips that will surely help you in cracking these exams. It may seem difficult but it’s not impossible. You might feel nervous initially, but it’s not that much difficult as you are thinking. Let’s get started!

Plan a schedule and stick to it

If you want to crack the entrance exam then you have to give enough time for preparation. However, that doesn’t’ mean not allowing your mind and body a complete rest. Remember your body needs rest and sufficient sleep too for proper relaxation.

After scheduling the plan, ensure to follow it. Don’t wait for long, start practising it right from the next day.

Use fewer books for theory

As said, books are humans best friends and they are perfect for gaining enough knowledge. However, when it’s about entrance exams then the fact is that reading lots of books can spoil your entire preparation.

It’s better to figure out three to four best books and use them for preparations. Since buying too many books can create confusion in your mind and you may not be able to accomplish your goals this way.

Practice a lot

You can see last year question papers to get an idea about the most common questions. You will notice some repeated questions; so, make sure to prepare these. By practising these last year papers, you will increase the chances of clearing the entrance exams.

Take mock tests

There are some preparatory websites that provide mock tests for free. Make sure to take mock tests since it will only help you in preparing for the exams well. For instance, if you want to apply for CAT or MAT exams then visit the website and practice these tests so as to take your career to the heights of success.

Group study

If you face difficulty in studying alone then you can prepare for the exams in a group or can take coaching classes for the same. The group study will only help you as you can clear your all queries and other students may also tell you something you are not familiar with.

Learn all the shortcuts

All students have their own shortcuts and which they generally use while preparing for exams. Be it some formulas or graphs, make use of shortcuts as it will save your enough time.

Stay physically and mentally fit

Majority of people overlook the importance of keeping mind and body healthy while preparing for exams. They fail to realize that doing this can ruin their preparation. Exercise on a regular basis and get enough sleep to keep your mind fresh. This way you will observe a change in your complete lifestyle which is quite important during the examinations.

Plan your exam strategy

Planning a proper way for attempting numerous questions is quite vital in order to crack entrance exams. It’s not possible to solve all the questions as it requires proper techniques. It’s better to stop wasting your time on questions you feel requires more time and seems difficult. First, practice those questions you think are easy and then give your time on difficult ones.

Moreover, learn some formulas since it will help you in solving the questions easily and in a small time period.


Hope you have enjoyed reading this article and it helped you in knowing more about the tips to crack entrance exams. By following the above-given tips, you will be able to fulfil your dream of clearing entrance exams. A very famous saying ‘practice makes a man perfect’. It is not just a quote, more you practice mock tests, previous year question papers, or sample papers; more you will be able to nail your entrance exam.

Invest enough time in preparing for the exams and after that practice tests in order to check your abilities. Whenever you feel disappointed or frustrated, go through these tips to get inspired.

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