Tips to prepare your child for the first day at school

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The field of education has evolved in many ways over the years. From schools, today, getting equipped with modern amenities such as smart classes, ERP (ERP full form: Enterprise resource planning), and state-of-the-art infrastructure to students studying on their smartphones, educational technology has come a long way in improving our education system. Especially since the coronavirus pandemic, when schools and college campuses were shut down, locking millions of students and educators across the entire nation, out of the classroom, ed-tech platforms have garnered more popularity than ever before. Nowadays, much of the learning takes place online. From, regular subjects to music, and even online yoga classes are conducted successfully and efficiently.

Even though the field of education has changed, online education is the new norm, in some ways, it has always remained the same. The first day of school is a very special milestone in the journey of every student. It can be a memorable day for the students or it can be a dreadful experience depending upon how they are prepared for their first day. Here are a few things parents should follow in order to prepare their child for a smooth ride on the first day of starting school….

Visit the school and meet the teachers-

Many teachers invite the parents of students for a visit to the school. If this is not the case, then make time to take a trip to the school to inspect different aspects such as its infrastructure, playground, and other facilities. Moreover, you should get on good terms with the teacher and if possible, you could invite them to visit you and your child at your home prior to their first day at school.

Increase your Awareness-

You should make yourself more aware of starting school by reading good books, online articles, and magazines related to the topic. This will help you in coming up with great ideas about discussing going off to the school.

Talk to the student-

Young children can be very apprehensive when it comes to starting school. It is your duty as parents, to help your kids let their feelings and fears be known to you by talking with them. Thereafter, you could convince them that there is nothing to fear about and that their teachers are going to take good care of them. You could also promise some rewards to the kids when they are back if they agree to go to the school. Whatever may be the problems, effective communication with your kids can most definitely increase their willingness to go to school.

Adjust your kid’s sleep schedule-

Lack of sleep can even make adults grumpy. If the kids don’t get enough sleep on the night before their first day at school, things can go south. As kids are already hesitant to go to school and couple that with a lack of sleep and it can make their first day at school miserable, to say the least. If your kids are habitual of going to bed late and waking up late in the morning, you could begin by adjusting their sleep schedule at least a couple of weeks prior to their first day at school. In this way, your child will get proper sleep and easily wake up well in time for them to eat a healthy breakfast and get going on their first day of school.

Buy school supplies-

Be sure to shop for adequate school supplies for your child. Your kids would be thrilled by getting you to buy them school supplies of their choice. School supplies such as a lunchbox, pencil box, school uniform, a bag pack, water bottle, and likewise, must be bought well in advance before the first day at school. In all likeliness, your child will enjoy using their new and cool school supplies and would want to flaunt the same in front of their friends at school.

A child’s first day at school is not just special for them, but a highly treasured memory for their parents as well. One day, this will become a memory that will be fondly cherished by the child and their family alike. By keeping in mind the tips shared in this article, parents can ensure that their child’s first day at school becomes a memorable one.

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