To Junior High, High School Students & Their Parents 

Jan 7, 2018 by

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Which calls these social activists “a small, noisy, domineering, -claiming, coterie of radically left-wing thinkers have commandeered the controls and are steering the ship where they want it to go, screaming bloody murder if anyone dares to question, or worse, oppose …”

He is calling for student walk-outs of classrooms if “indoctrination” re social justice is taking over from “education”. It’s a LONG video, but just read the description of the video for the message he makes. It’s only at the end he calls for the walk-outs. He says, pick your poison, do something now He calls for “active resistance” saying “if effective action is not taken now to counteract the politicization of the public school curriculum, the need for such action will merely increase, and it will take much more to forestall the process later. Pick your poison.” His video is keyed to parents and students in elementary to high school.

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