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“To Remember on 2020 Election Day – Those Who Supported the Pro-LGBTQ Equality Act”

By Donna Garner


Today at 12:12 P. M. in the U. S. House, the Democrats with the help of 8 Republicans passed HR 5 – The Equality Act (pro-LGBTQ bill) — by a vote of 236 to 173.  

KEEP HANDY:  Remember that on 11.3.20 every U. S. House member is up for election. These are the 8 Republicans who need to be voted out in the fall of 2020 along with all the Democrats.  

Brooks, Susan (Indiana)

Diaz-Balart — Florida

Fitzpatrick — Pennsylvania

Hurd  — Texas

Katko – New York

Reed – New York

Stefanik – New York

Walden — Oregon


President Trump Has It Right

President Trump (who is certain to veto this bill if it arrives at his desk) has stated that he is opposed to discrimination of any kind and supports equal treatment of all, but the Equality Act doesn’t do this.  Instead H. R. 5 would rewrite our nation’s Civil Rights laws to force the LGBTQ agenda into the lives of everybody, putting severe  penalties upon those who refuse.

ACTION STEP:  The majority of U. S. Senate members appears to be against H. R. 5; but we still need to contact our two state Senators and urge them to vote against this bill.  

As stated by MassResistance in its May 7, 2019 newsletter: 

  • It would force compliance of the radical (and lunatic) LGBT agenda into every person’s life – in businesses, public accommodations, jury selection, schools, hospitals and clinics, social life, even churches! 
  • It would empower the Department of Justice to enforce the Act in federal courts.
  • It writes into federal law radical concepts (“sexual orientation” and “gender identity”) and creates a protected class for people with a psychiatric disorder (“gender dysphoria”).
  • The bill is purposefully loosely written – to ensure latitude for the activist judges.
  • It gives only minimal, vague definitions for the terms “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” guaranteeing that legal chaos will ensue. For example, many radicals consider pedophilia a “sexual orientation” – which could end up becoming protected! What other perverted practices might be protected? ProstitutionBDSM (bondage and sadomasochism), bestiality.
  • The legal definition of “sex” (the biological category of male or female) would be altered to include (undefined) “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” everywhere the word “sex” appears in federal non-discrimination law.
  • The Act hijacks the legitimate Civil Rights movement by incorporating the LGBT agenda into the nation’s civil rights laws. Thus, it equates the civil rights of racial minorities – based on immutable characteristics – with chosen sexual perversions. This is extremely offensive to black Americans who fought so hard for their rights! Yet members of Congress seem to have no problem with this immoral equation.
  • The Act would acknowledge “same-sex marriage” in official federal law – rather than just leaving it a dishonest Supreme Court decision (like the Dred Scott and abortion rulings).
  • In one curious section of the bill (which expands the list of “public accommodations” covered by anti-discrimination law), we are informed: “Many places of public accommodation recognize the economic imperative to offer goods and services to as many consumers as possible.” This passage could be used to protect “transgender” men using women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, BDSM orgies in hotels, or pedophile conferences.
  • Goodbye to freedom of religion on LGBT issues. Many have noted that religious speech critical of “sexual orientation and gender identity” could be considered unlawful discrimination. Not even churches will be exempt as they could be considered “public accommodations” (“a place or establishment that provides … gathering…; any establishment that provides a good, service, or program”).


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