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March 22, 2017


by Bill Ames


Texas high schools graduate some 300,000 seniors into Texas society each year. If the legislature continues to allow the majority of these students to graduate with the Texas education establishment’s generally “contempt-for-America” mindset, it will take only a few years for the left to turn Texas blue (Democrat).”


I wrote this in my published article, “Public Schools are not Teaching America’s Heritage” (Empower Texans Scorecard, August 30, 2016).


At the time, I had no idea how perceptive I had been.


Fast forward to Saturday, March 18, 2017.  Congressman Pete Sessions (TX District 32) hosted a town hall meeting at Richardson (TX) high school.


The Congressman began the meeting with a call for civility and respect, since differing opinions on controversial topics would be discussed.


Nevertheless, the crowd of over 2000, many of whom were millennials, began their resistance with disrespectful responses to the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge, and the meeting’s invocation.


From there, the meeting continued downhill.  The mob quickly attempted to shout down the Congressman and hijack the meeting.


Congressman Sessions reminded, “If you continue this, no member of Congress will do (town hall meetings)”.


The audience responded with shouting and yelling that continued throughout the meeting, most often drowning out questions and answers.


Liberally (pun intended) sprinkled in were juvenile rants such as “Shut your month” and “We don’t have to listen to your lies”, most coming from the raucous mob of millennials.


One first time town hall meeting attendee commented, “Over 90% of the people were yelling and screaming.  It was uncivil”.


Back to 300,000 graduates…


Let’s refer to my original comment, my concern about indoctrinated high school graduates working to turn Texas blue….


At the town hall meeting, we sat next to a 30 year old millennial, a graduate of Richardson high school who claimed to have received an “excellent high school education”.


During our conversation, he said:


I’m 30 and I’m a millennial and I’m a socialist.  Look around here.  You baby boomers are outnumbered now.  We are taking over and we are the new history.  What you think does not matter.  We outnumber you by far.  You are irrelevant.  Get over it”


Scary stuff.  The young man was totally serious.


The 30 year old Richardson high school graduate’s worldview cannot be dismissed as one isolated individual.  Just being in the midst of Saturday’s dysfunction, it was clear to us that the Richardson grad was surrounded by hundreds of like-minded yelling, screaming, disrespectful millennials, most with the same mindset.


How did we get to this?…..


A recent Pew Research Center study reveals that today’s millennials are the only American demographic group that favors socialism over capitalism.

Where does this sympathy for a socialist, anti-American mindset originate?


There is undeniable evidence that the socialist mindset originates in the public education establishment. columnist Jonah Goldberg has observed, “Schools have been force-feeding left-wing propaganda to kids like it was feed for geese in a foie gras factory”.

The Richardson school district, the host for the Congressman’s town hall, is the perfect example of creating millennial alumni who have a progressive, socialist worldview.

Resisitng the Pledge of Allegiance…

Flash back to the August 4, 2003 meeting of the Richardson ISD school board.  The board was debating its response to Governor Rick Perry’s signing of Senate Bill 83, that required Texas’ public school classrooms to daily recite the Pledge of Allegiance, the Texas Pledge, and observe a 10 second moment of silence.

The Board was not happy.

Trustee Stephanie Hirsh was quoted in the August 7 Richardson News, “Just because something becomes a law doesn’t mean we support it”.  Trustee Ron Hughes chimed in, “You cannot legislate patriotism.  Patriotism comes from the heart”.

When trustee Ann Barab asked whether the trustees should change their own pledge practices to mirror the students, the response was “immediate and unfavorable”.


Such actions by leaders have trickle-down consequences.   At a JJ Pearce high school open house, I picked up the current copy of the student newspaper, the Pony Express.


The student editorial not only mirrored the trustees’ mockery towards the pledges and the moment of silence, it also clearly revealed neglect of the Texas Education Code’s requirement to promote patriotism as part of the curriculum (Texas Education Code 28.002(h).


The impact is obvious…..


All this was happening in August, 2003. Our 30 year old socialist acquaintance at Congressman Sessions town hall was then 16 years old, happily receiving his “excellent education”, including his anti-American indoctrination, in the Richardson school district.


Young students are vulnerable.  Plato wrote in his Republic:


“Youth is the time when the character is being molded and easily takes any impress one may wish to stamp on it.  Shall we then simply allow our children to listen to any stories that anyone happens to make up and so receive into their minds ideas often the very opposite to those we shall think they ought to have when we grow up?”


Our 30 year old may well be a victim of “molding and stamped impress” by his Richardson ISD educators and peer students during his vulnerable years of “listening to the made up stories” about their contempt for America.


Fighting back….


To fight back against the “new history” of the millennial socialists, I urge support of two bills filed in the 58th legislature.

First is SB3, Senator Larry Taylor’s school choice bill, to provide financial support to liberate students from public schools.

Second, Representative Dwayne Bohac’s HB729, to introduce positive character traits into the public school curriculum.

Beyond its anti-American bias, the public education establishment is an institution that has become so morally bankrupt that the state legislature finds it necessary to introduce legislation to (1) protect privacy in public schools by preventing boys from entering girls bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, and (2) punishing school districts that pass sexual predator criminal employees from district to district without notifying law enforcement.

Further, Richardson ISD’s student academic performance has been in decline.  RISD’s statewide ranking of student academic performance has fallen from #110 in 2009 to #413 by 2015.

Three short years ago, RISD had no failing campuses, as defined by the Texas Education Association (TEA).  Today there are five failing campuses, with a combined enrollment of 3600 students trapped in failing schools.

Anti-American bias, moral bankruptcy, and declining student academic performance.  Perhaps one way to slow down public education’s agenda to create pro-socialist Texas graduates, is to pass and enforce legislation such as SB3 and HB729.

If the legislature does not act, the 30 year old, “excellently educated” Richardson high school graduate may be correct; that his socialist millennial colleagues will take over, and the rest of Texas citizens will become irrelevant.

Given the mob scene at Congressman Sessions town hall meeting, I hope it is not too late.


Bill Ames is a conservative education activist who lives in Dallas, within the boundaries of the Richardson Independent School District. Ames reviewed CSCOPE lessons as part of the State Board of Education’s Ad Hoc Committee Project. His work in his local school district resulted in Board reviews of both its Social Studies Curriculum and Project Based Learning implementation, as well as securing a superintendent commitment to modify the AP History course to be Texas standards (TEKS) compliant.

Ames’ book, “TEXAS TROUNCES THE  LEFT’S WAR ON HISTORY”  ( tells the story of his experience in developing Texas’ U. S. history standard in 2009-2010. He welcomes reader comments at

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