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From Associated Press:

Gingrich, emphasizing the importance of small donors to his campaign, at a rally Wednesday in Rosemont, Ill.: “We have over 175,000 donors now. Most of them are small. Over 95 percent of our donors give $250 or less.”

THE FACTS: …A more significant number is how much of the money Gingrich raised came in small denominations and how much in big checks.

the whole calculus leaves out the biggest influence on the Gingrich campaign’s financial fortunes – the group Winning Our Future, an independent super PAC that has been running ads supporting him.

Of that group’s $13.1 million in total contributions, about 75 percent – or $10 million – came from just two people: Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam. (, AP – 3.16.12, )

In other words, $10 Million (75% of Gingrich’s campaign contributions) is “dirty money,” coming from casino gambling.

Gingrich says he is a true conservative in this Republican race. Would a true conservative want to be indebted to an industry that increases crime, raises personal bankruptcies, increases domestic violence, leads to loss of workdays, and increases child abuse and addiction?

Gingrich may not have to worry about the GOP race for much longer because unconfirmed rumors say that Sheldon and Miriam Adelson are not going to give Gingrich any more campaign contributions. Without those big-time contributions, Gingrich would have a hard time operating on his meager campaign donations from other sources.



Romney has portrayed himself as a Washington outsider in comparison to Santorum who was a Senator. However, the truth has now come out that the place where Romney went to finance his campaign was to the Washington lobbyists to whom he is now indebted.

We do not need another President such as Obama who is tied to the big-money lobbyists and special interest groups.

According to (3.9.12 — ), a Reuters analysis has shown that almost 390 registered lobbyists have given more than $1.5 Million to Romney and/or his Super PAC Restore Our Future.

These include such names from the healthcare and financial sectors as lobbying firm Duane Morris, energy firms Consol Energy and Oxbow Carbon, Charles Black, Jr. (lobbies for AT&T Inc. and Wal-Mart Stores Inc.), Wayne Berman (Pfizer Inc. and Visa Inc.), Ed Rogers (lobbyist for Raytheon Co. and drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline PLC), Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase & Co., accounting firm Ernst & Young LLP, Google and IBM, energy heavyweights Chevron and Exelon, retailer Home Depot, General Electric, and lobbyists for Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (makers of medicines and medical devices, including Medtronic, Merck, Biogen Idec. Inc., and Covidien).


On the other hand, Santorum has taken in less than $20,000 from 18 registered lobbyists and 1 lobbying organization.

Since this last Tuesday (3.13.12) when Santorum won both Alabama and Mississippi, the “blush has come off the rose.” Romney is undergoing financial stress because of his losses to Santorum.

Heretofore, Romney had programmed the American public to believe that he was the most electable; but because Santorum proved that he is the true conservative candidate and that the public likes him better than Romney, the financial spigot leading to Romney has been stymied.

Donors who were betting on Romney’s success now are having second thoughts, and Romney was forced to spend two whole days trying to raise money this week.

Romney himself is worth close to $250 Million, but he evidently had not intended to loan himself any of his own money to run this campaign. (He loaned himself $42 Million in his 2008 Presidential bid.)

In February, Santorum’s grassroots supporters helped him raise $9 Million compared to Romney’s $11.5 Million; but since Romney’s money supply has diminished considerably, he has been forced to cut campaign expenses by flying on a smaller and less luxurious airplane than his 150-seat plane. His campaign is engaging in a cheaper type of voter ID phone polling, and he is trying to utilize free TV coverage more.



Puerto Rico votes on Sunday (3.18.12) in its GOP primary and Illinois on Tuesday (3.20.12).


3.13.12 – From John Yob, a specialist in delegate tracking, who has recently been hired by Rick Santorum:

Romney supporters on the Republican National Committee manipulated the calendar to front-load several of the states that were favorable towards him. That was beneficial to his early lead in the delegate count, however it is problematic for him as the race continues and moves towards less friendly states.

More importantly, the race will eventually move from primaries and caucuses that are often beauty contests to real county and state convention contests where actual delegates to the national convention are elected.

Anyone who knows anything about state conventions knows that the most conservative candidate has a big advantage over a moderate candidate.

Most of the publicly available delegate counts are fundamentally flawed because none of them have taken into account that conservative grassroots activists at county and state conventions will elect more Santorum delegates than a primary or even caucus beauty contest in the same respective state would allocate.

Therefore, the Real Counts are far better than the projected counts and will continue to improve as the National Convention approaches and states elect their actual convention delegates.

The Santorum campaign will keep a tally called the Real Count moving forward. It will be based on the results of both the Real Calendar and the Traditional Calendar.



As time goes on, it seems clear to me that the big advantage that Romney had because of his huge super PAC has run its course with the American voters who now believe that Santorum is their Conservative Champion.

Because Rick Santorum does not depend upon wealthy and powerful lobbyists to give him campaign money, we grassroots citizens must step up to the plate and help by contributing our donations:

Next, we must continue to tell our friends and neighbors about Rick Santorum. We can win this election.

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