‘Too much Christianity’? Time to rebel

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A faith-based group in Mississippi is urging alumni and fans of Ole Miss to speak out against a decision to rename the campus’s annual Christmas observance.

Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi) recently decided to rename its winter festival event. For several years now, the event was called “A Grand Ole Christmas.” This year, however, Ole Miss chose to call the December 2 event the “Hotty Toddy Holidays” – “hotty toddy” being a common greeting or cheer of Ole Miss supporters.

Comments taken ‘out of context’?

Ole Miss says “incomplete and erroneous reports” have created misperceptions about the decision to change the name of an annual “student-led holiday event.” (See official UM statement)

According to Ole Miss, a student says his quote to news media about the event was taken out of context. But AFA Action national field director Rob Chambers says the claims have no basis.


“I don’t know how you can take those words out of context because his words … mean what they mean,” says Chambers. “His words were very clear – and what’s interesting is that these comments were reportedly made on the event that the day took place on December 2. The decision to abandon the name ‘Christmas’ was made well in advance of the event, and the school’s rationale to defend this secular progressive move really doesn’t hold water.”

University Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Brandi Hephner LaBanc said the 21-year-old student wanted to make all students feel welcome and come to this annual event.

“He is very sincere in his wish that he had expressed himself better,” says LaBanc in the school’s statement. “It is unfortunate that these reports, including repetition of incomplete information on social media, have misrepresented the nature of the event and his intent as a Christian to welcome people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

Ole Miss also points out this year’s event “involved a Christmas tree lighting and popular Christmas carols.”

Kayp Maye, co-director of special events, made these remarks to News 99 Watch, a live, student-run newscast providing news for Ole Miss and the surrounding area: “‘Grand Ole Christmas’ was just, it connoted too much Christianity on campus, and so we wanted to have a more inclusive environment for the holidays this year.”

Tim Wildmon, president of American Family Association Action, responds to those remarks:

“This is PC run amok – [and] it’s going on all over the country,” he tells OneNewsNow. “It happened recently at the University of Tennessee. So even in Bible Belt states like Tennessee and Mississippi, you will find this going on.

Wildmon, Tim“We celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ,” Wildmon continues. “The world is welcome to join in, but we can’t deny that on December 25, the whole celebration is centered around the birth of our Savior.”

According to Wildmon, AFA Action has a lot of supporters who are Ole Miss graduates or have children at the university. “[And] we’re asking them to weigh in with the university,” he adds. “I would say ‘Change it back’ – or at least apologize; have the Student Activities Association apologize for acting as if Christianity is something that’s bad.”

OneNewsNow is awaiting a request for more information from the Ole Miss Student Activities Association. Meanwhile, a check of the SAA website finds the Association also sponsors what it calls the “annual Christmas tree lighting of the University Christmas tree.”

News video report re: ‘Hotty Toddy Holidays’ at Ole Miss



Source: ‘Too much Christianity’? Time to rebel, says group

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