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5 Tips to Get in a Top MBA Institute in India

“Four steps to achievement – plan purposefully, prepare prayerfully, proceed positively and pursue persistently.” ~ William A. Ward

Undoubtedly, getting into a top B-school is every management aspirant’s dream. But to get through the selection process, a candidate has to tackle various hurdles that set him apart from others. Typically B-schools opt for an entrance examination to evaluate the candidate’s quant aptitude, followed by a group discussion and a personal interview to assess his/her profile. While most of the students manage to get through the entrances, verbal discussions give them cold feet.

This is where one needs to draw inspiration from the above quote by William A. Ward. Like every job that needs to be backed by a proper plan, cracking entrance examinations too requires strict discipline, research and a stringent plan. To ace entrance examination for admission in top 10 business schools/MBA colleges in Delhi NCR such as IILM, you need to keep a few tips in mind and pursue the road that leads to the ultimate goal.

Here are a few things that you need to start focussing on:-

  1. Research Thoroughly: There are various MBA specialisations offered by different institutions. Irrespective of the college, figure out which discipline would interest you and will support your long term career goals. For an instance, colleges such as IILM offer PGDM with over 80 different courses as electives that provide varied areas for specialisations to choose from. These subjects include strategy, international business, marketing, branding, communications and new & social media, leadership etc. Choices are vast, but you need to make up your mind and then start applying.
  2. Advance Preparations: Ideally, one should start preparations for entrances way before the final ‘showdown’ to get a hang of the kind of questions asked. MBA entrances mostly have problem solving questions that judge your quant aptitude. Given the time constraint, you cannot afford spending more than one minute on a single question. Advance preparations and coaching will prepare you on how to solve mathematical questions in less time through tricks and methods. Plus it is more important to appear for mock tests that help to analyze your strengths and figure out the grey areas for improvement. These tests will also give you a rough idea of the final exam.
  3. Focus on Quant, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation – MBA entrances focus majorly on these three subjects, and to excel you need to solve multiple questions in one sitting. Buy books from famous publications or authors that stress on these areas. In addition to this, you will also be expected to have a firm command over spoken and written English. Start brushing up your language skills and enhance communicative ability by reading newspapers or novels, watching English shows and understanding basics of grammar. This needs to be inculcated as a daily habit.

Besides preparing for the examination, you have to brace yourself for the group discussions and personal interview. Apart from basic etiquette like formal dressing or punctuality, here are two things you can ensure to crack your B-school interview.

  1. Must Know Questions – Every interview has a typical set of questions that sound easy, but actually require wit and intelligence while answering. Moreover, these questions invite counter questioning if not answered wisely. Be prepared for basic questions concerning why MBA, long term goals, relevance of your experience and MBA, why this institute and so on. Interviewers are often seen grilling candidates over their experience by churning out questions from the resume, and then from answers. The more obvious questions will turn out to be haunting – so prepare well in advance.
  2. Building Resume – Two things you need to ensure before building up the CV for interview is – first, to not lie, and second to be thorough with what you intend to mention. Interviewers tend to question directly from the CV – be it the experience you have or the responsibilities you held! Hence it becomes vital for you to be confident about the facts mentioned on the CV and justify them in case of need.

Prepare to inch closer to the goal you have set!

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