Top 10 MBA colleges in Bangalore that offer the best value for money

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MBA is one of the most sought-out courses around the globe. That is because when a candidate is pursuing MBA, the program is not just about academic knowledge but also includes building a network in the business industry, startup ideas and developing managerial skills.

There was a time when IIM was the primary option for all MBA aspirants. IIMs surely offer good academic excellence to its students. However, the course fees of IIMs range from 17 lakhs to 19 lakhs. And there have been fee hikes now and then, which not every student can afford. There are some MBA colleges in Bangalore which impart good academics for a lesser fee range.

Let’s discuss each college in detail:

1. Don Bosco Institute of Technology

  • With a mission to impart professional, intellectual and personal skills to its students, Don Bosco Institute of Technology offers management courses like MBA along with various courses in technology and science.
  • The institution is certified by the NBA and has academic excellence of 16 years. When it comes to results, the institution has a progressive result between 95-100% every year along.
  • With top most companies invited by the college, students are given a 100% guarantee of placements.
  • The department of Master of Business Administration in Don Bosco Institute is approved by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The department, being affiliated to Visveswaraya Technological University (VTU), strives to provide ample exposure to business practice.
  • The fee for the MBA course at the co-ed institute is 1.08 Lakhs. Along with its promising placements and academic results, the institute has equipped the students with a vast library and smart laboratory.

2. Acharya School of Management

  • With a vision of imparting practical education to students in management studies, Acharya School of Management (ASM) has multi-stream academic networking.
  • ASM offers two-year courses in management- Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) and MBA. The MBA course at ASM comprises of marketing, finance, HR, banking & finance and creative management.
  • The Acharya group of institutions has been in the field of education and research for the last 25 years. Apart from regular academics, the institute aims to bring out ethical awareness and welcomes social entrepreneurship.
  • The total fee for the two-year MBA course at ASM is Rs. 9,19,662. Ranked in 27th position for its MBA course by the Times group, ASM invites placements from banking sectors to corporate firms.

3. Institute of Management, Christ

  • The management course at Institute of Management, Christ was established in 1994 with a motive to provide its students with a launching pad of careers.
  • The two-year MBA course at the institute comprises of marketing, finance, HR & lean operations and systems and business analytics.
  • The full-time MBA course at the institute includes outbound training, summer internships, current affairs, and dissertation.
  • The Institute of Management, Christ collaborates with various firms like IBM, Affordable Solutions, etc., and foreign universities.
  • The total fees of the MBA course at the institute total to Rs.7,83,000

4. Alliance Ascent College

  • Alliance Ascent College is a constituent college of Alliance University and aims to become a premier college in both educational training and research.
  • While the college trains its students to become successful business leaders, it also strives to instil social responsibility.
  • The MBA course at Alliance Ascent College provides guidance in business through its mentorship program, business plan competitions, filed based projects and ascent executive speaker series.
  • The fee of the two-year course is Rs. 8,00,000.
  • With contemporary and progressive curriculum, the course offers specialisation in marketing; finance; organisational leadership and strategy (OB & HR); and operations.
  • A field-based Industry Internship Program and Dissertation are an important part of the program which encourages practical knowledge in the field.
  • Apart from the management course subjects, the college also offers language proficiency in some foreign languages.
  • The university has a tie-up with a good number of firms ranging from banking, insurance to IT companies.

5. MVJ College of Engineering

  • M.V. Jayaraman College of Engineering established in 1982 is affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University.
  • Situated on a 15-acre campus in Whitefield, Bangalore, the college offers courses in technology and management.
  • The institute works with the motive to develop leaders and innovators for the dynamic business world.
  • The department of MBA at MVJ College is recognized as a Research Centre by the VTU. The institute provides its students with several opportunities for Ph. D research. Students can opt for specializations in Finance, Human Resource, and Marketing Management.
  • The college provides placements in firms like QUALCOMM, Myntra, Appo mobiles, etc.
  • The total fee for the two-year course at MVJ amounts to Rs.1,08,780. Along with good infrastructure and qualified faculty, the college has made the program affordable.

6. MP Birla Institute of Management

  • Established in 1999 and affiliated to Bangalore University, MP Birla Institute of Management aims to impart excellent Managerial Skills to its students.
  • Along with the entire necessary infrastructure, the institute has an active student council.
  • MP Birla Institute provides ample placement opportunities to the students.
  • The total fee of the two-year MBA course at the institute is Rs. 3,34,000.
  • Apart from industry visits, MP Birla institute organises Business Leadership Forums ensuring that the students can interact with business leaders.

7. IISC – Indian Institute of Science

  • The department of management at IISC (Indian Institute of Science) offers a two-year course on Master of Management with specialisation in Business Analytics and Technology management.
  • Based on the specialisation chosen by the candidate, the program has several electives, ensuring that the subject is completely covered. The fee charged for the two-year management course is Rs. 3,18,000.
  • The institute provides its students with placement opportunities at firms like Thompson Reuters, Cognizant, JP Morgan, Infosys, etc.

8. PES University- Ring Road Campus -PESU

  • PES University (PESU) has been offering educational courses in Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law and Life Sciences since 1972.
  • The MBA program is not just limited to academics but also includes industry exposure and paid internship opportunities.
  • The program includes Harvard online education as the part of the curriculum.
  • The department of management offers placement opportunities from 60 companies including prominent firms like Morgan Stanley, Target, Genpact, etc.
  • The total fee of the two-year program is Rs.8 lakhs.

9. AIMS Institute

  • Established in 1998, the MBA program at AIMS aims to impart the skills of modern management to its students.
  • Along with internships and workshops, AIMS organises overseas study tours and soft skills training.
  • The institute provides placement opportunities to its students in prominent firms in finance, manufacturing, insurance, IT, logistics, FMCG, Automobiles, Hospitality and Media. The total fee of the two-year MBA course at AIMS is Rs. 920,000.

10. KristuJayanti College

  • Founded in 1999, KristuJayanti College is affiliated to Bangalore University aims to create civic responsibility and values in students and nurturing them to participate well in a dynamic business environment. The total fee for the two-year program is Rs. 6 lakhs. The institute encourages research not only in subjects relevant to the course but also related to social work.
  • All the above colleges provide students with excellent opportunities in research and employment in an affordable fee range. A student can make the best of the paid money at the colleges not just through academics but also through gaining industry exposure. Check here list of top MBA colleges in Bangalore at
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