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In the education news sections, you can see the study options offered by the various student cities, located on the shore of the paradisiacal beaches and the imposing ocean. If you are a student who loves the sun, the beach or water sports, it is the perfect place for you. Student cities where study and work can be carried out in perfect harmony, as well as enjoying moments of leisure.

It is a promising environment where the beach-loving student feels doubly inspired and his ideas flow more easily, he increases concentration and opens understanding and facilitating his race to the top.

In the student cities, you can enjoy a variety of activities on the beach, such as yacht rides, competitions or water sports in healthy entertainment, an environment of safety and harmony. Hire essay writing help services to reduce stress and enjoy leisure time necessary for mental health.

Some young conservative prefers to enjoy music, a good meal or watch a good movie, in the student cities the prices in these places are affordable to ensure moments of creativity and recreation for the students.

The community of student cities, concerned with the importance of education, ensures that students have the possibility of enjoying economic services, for the full enjoyment of healthy recreation and physical and mental health.

In the student cities, students can get cheap essay writing service that helps them save and facilitate the academic tasks assigned.

Studying at the seashore or the ocean is an unforgettable experience, full of adventures and moments that you can surely tell two sides to every story to your family and friends.


1.-American University of Sharjah;

Surrounded by clean and beautiful beaches, caressed by a pleasant desert air. Eye of the Emirates, with spectacular views of Sharjah and Dubai; and the unmatched Khalid Lagoon.

2.-The University of Hong Kong;

Views of colonial architecture, study campus and world-renowned professors. Located on an island, relaxing beaches and charming views along its coasts, to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in your spare time

3.-University of New South Wales;

 It has campuses throughout Sydney, advice from world-class scientists and excellent preparation for students. Surrounded by coasts, you can relax on the crystalline beaches that attract lovers of marine recreation annually.

4.-The University of British Columbia;

Excellent academic reputation and international faculty. Temperate climate, laboratories, and others. Relaxing atmosphere with cool mountains.

5.-European Institute of International High Studies;

Luxurious European tourist centers, and beaches along Nice. Discussion forums for all fields, courses, seminars and work sessions. The most privileged maritime complex in Europe.

6.-The State University of Rio de Janeiro;

Whose town is famous for its beautiful landscapes. It offers doctorate courses, research and artistic activities, the panorama is national and international. Beautiful nature and beaches, water sports, diving, among others.

7.-The University of California at San Diego;

Decorated by public art projects and includes social centers, bookstores, film, and offices. It offers faculties of arts, sciences, engineering, and pre and postgraduate schools. To relax, the town has more than 100Km of coastline to enjoy, from camping to surfing in your spare time.

8.-Brighton University;

Has strong international connections, offers studies, internships and student exchanges. Quality education and improvement of English, historical architecture, the sound of seagulls, and municipal beach with aspects of the 10th century.

9.-The University of Applied Sciences of The Hague;

Has academies of ICT and media, technology, sports on campus. Full-time undergraduate programs and professional training programs. Relax in the beach areas of Scheveningen or Kaikduyun surrounded by a European complex with sea views.

10.-Griffith University;

The most prestigious of the Gold Coast. Students prepared by the most qualified teachers in Australia. Scholarships and incentives for students. Waterfalls forests, mountains. 52km of beach and Surfer’s Paradise.


List of the hottest beaches of the world.

1.      Los Roques, Venezuela.

2.      Sarakiniko. The Island of Milo. Greece

3.      Palolem. India. Located on the West Coast of Goa.

4.      South Male, Maldives.

5.      Cannon Beach, United States.

6.      The Cook Islands and Whitsunday. The coral island of Tapuaetai.

7.      Cathedral Cove. New Zealand.

8.      Calanque de Maubois, France.

A high performance in academic activities characterizes students in student cities strategically located on the shore of the beach or the ocean. The environment is ideal for study, work and increases the student’s perspective towards the achievement of their goals.

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