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Top 5 craziest 5 Things To Do In Dubai

Oct 7, 2018 by

Dubai has become the benchmark country or its tourist attractions and also due to increasing growth. In starting it was a small village and now it has become the global brand for tourists. The wonderful city Dubai is extended in 25 miles and there are lots of exciting places to visit. Apart from being a popular shopping hub, it is known for its amazing spots and here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 craziest things to do in Dubai.

An Amazing view of the whole world

Although there are numerous excursions in Dubai Burj Khalifa is the topmost attraction of UAE. Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building and it is man-made allows you to see the amazing world. Its height is of 829.8 meters and stands for the most visited tourist attraction in Dubai.

Shopping in the world’s largest malls

Never ending thing for ladies is shopping and shopping in Dubai can be your best experience. Do you know where the world’s largest mall is? Hey guys, it is in Dubai known as Dubai mall the largest mall in the world based on the area. There are more than 120 cafe and restaurants and also contains the 1000+ outlets for shopping. From here you can shop each and everything of the latest trend. If you are planning to visit Dubai then bring proper money for shopping there.

There is an underwater zoo in the Dubai Mall.

Amuse yourself in Dubai Desert Safari

Our next amazing thing to do in Dubai is to visit the Desert safari the remarkable spot for endless fun. Here you can ride on camels, enjoy traditional dance and also taste the world-class cuisine. Dubai desert safari gives you the experience both royalty and the feel of Bedouin era so folks if you travel to Dubai then never skip the Dubai desert safari. One more thing never forgets to carry warm clothes when moving to Desert Safari as during nights temperature is low.

Navigate to Dubai Miracle Garden

Another wonderful activity to do in Dubai is the visit to Dubai Miracle Garden. Miracle garden is the world’s largest garden containing the 45 Million species of various flowers. So guys be ready to dive into the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden. This spot is special for newly-married couples as there is a island also inside the garden and its shape is like the tree trunk. There are luxury hotels, resorts and entertainment spots in the island. So Dubai Miracle Garden will definitely amaze you with its flawless beauty.

Finally, you came across the craziest activities of Dubai but there are lots more things to do in Dubai and we can’t cover up in one article. If you wanna wander the whole Dubai then you must have plenty of time and money. Before going Dubai also keep in mind your budget and choose the economy services. Still, any query regarding above mentioned things then comments below and if you want to share your experience with us then don’t be hesitate. For latest updates, please stay connected.

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