TOP 5 Software Solutions for Employee Management

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Employees in modern business have so much freedom. Each one has his or her workstation and requires internet to work and there is so much to be accomplished. There are jobs that require using social media and you have to make sure that the employees are actually working and not chatting with their friends online.

You have to ensure that sensitive material available at the servers is used appropriately and that the workers are able to access the websites that they need. Also, if there are websites that employees should not access, you have to make sure that access is denied.

Employee management is the best solution to all that. If you lack powerful tools and the right people to work with, employee management will be complicated.

Five exceptional possibilities in employee management

  1. Time Doctor

This is extraordinary employee management software that boosts productivity by 22%. It produces reports of the time employees spend on assignments and you can check their apps and websites in real time. This software is mostly useful for remote employees where the person who is in charge of them is not able to walk around and see if they are actually working.

  1. Teramind

This software includes most standard management features. It is capable of determining behaviours that can damage the business. This is very useful to a company that deals with sensitive data. You can limit activities as per rules like preventing certain emails from being delivered.


This software is highly beneficial to companies that want policies that are run by actual data. The software allows you to monitor the workers’ activities and it also provides in-depth reports. It can help you to understand why some workers perform well than others. It can also tell you how long workers spend on various applications to ensure that your money is utilized well.

  1. Veriato

This is the perfect software to use if you want high powered management tool that allows you to view what your high risk workers are up to. The software also provides exceptional control of the data that you collect. Workers accept being monitored more when they do not feel like they are being spied on. Collecting information which is evidently necessary eases workers’ concerns.

  1. OSMonitor

This is simple monitoring software which comes in two versions: full and basic. The basic version controls computer functions and the activities that take place on websites: whether work related or free spin slot which is not work-related. The full version does what the basic version does and apart from that, it provides logging chances for screencaps, chats, emails and more. This software is perfect for businesses that require simple internet controls without so much data about what the workers are doing.


Business management software frees managers from moving around the offices to see whether the employees are working or not. It also gives them insights into what remote workers are up to.

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