Top 5 Trends Facing The Future Of Education

Jul 15, 2019 by

With advances in science and technology taking place by the minute, there are a lot of new trends that are developing in the field of education all over the world. Here are the 5 biggest trends that are facing education systems globally:

  1. The widening wealth gap will affect mobility between the rich and the poor

Because of recent economic developments, the rich and the poor are growing further apart. Economic inequality is also affecting education systems all over the world. While schools want to offer a fair opportunity to all, this economic disparity will be an unfortunate setback in the broad scheme of things. While the rich may enjoy the privileges of economic prosperity, the poor will be deprived of even simple opportunities because of their lack of access.

  1. Funding issues in school will become a major problem

Schools run on funds, and in the near future, there will be a lot of pressure in schools to obtain their funding. Schools will need to develop long-term plans for their expenditure needs. The rise in demands and expectations is rising as well, which will make it even more taxing to make decisions about expenses. Individuals will need to prepare themselves for sudden shifts or drops in the economy, especially in situations where household debt is rising as well.

  1. Increased attention should be paid to providing life lessons

Advancements in the field of medicine have translated into an increase in life expectancy. Since people are living longer, they will need to change their jobs frequently. When attention is paid to lifelong learning, it will enable students to change their jobs and opt for a long retirement. The ones who are not skilled require the maximum amount of training, but since they mostly belong to underprivileged backgrounds, it is highly likely that they will never receive it. This problem can be solved, although it can be difficult to do so. People should remember that it is important to obtain skills that will help them to procure jobs in the future.

  1. There will be a debate about what values should be taught

Schools play a major role in imparting values in the students. But there will be increased debates about what values should be taught in the first place. Schools will have to find a way to explain the differences between objective information and opinion. There will also be a debate on whether schools should push certain political ideas or ways of thinking. Schools will also need to determine the kind of civic morals that are required by modern democracies.

  1. Schools will have to develop unique human talent

Human talent and skills are quickly becoming replaceable because of artificial intelligence. However, schools will have to develop specific ways to ensure that human talent is still relevant. Schools will need to make sure that creativity, responsibility and emotional capacity are still important aspects in the field of economy.


The trends mentioned above will help you with your GMAT online prep. These trends will come into play in the near future and have a profound effect on education systems all over the world.

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