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If to compare the academic life of the 20th and 21st centuries, we can conclude that modern students have more opportunities. Do you agree? Life in the 21st century is easier due to a rapid development of modern technologies, internet, new resources, etc. Distance learning is also possible in current times. You aren’t made to visit a higher educational establishment personally (if you wish to study there). 

Nevertheless, taking into account a big choice of available resources, students and teachers can’t determine which one is really worthy and which one doesn’t deserve their attention. In this review, we’ll analyze what educational resources are beneficial for both teachers and students. This information will help you cope with all assignments on time and improve your educational performance.

1. Plagiarism Detecting Software

In sober fact, plagiary is the question of major concern today. Nevertheless, it is very easy to detect plagiarized paragraphs in your papers. Teachers will easily notice this – they will just run your paper through this software and your deception will immediately be noticed.

Collegers also use this software. In some instances, they buy cheap essays from custom writing services (when they are pressed for time and can’t do this assignment by themselves). When a paper or essay is ready, they check it via the software with the aim to identify whether it is written from scratch or plagiarized.

2. Wikipedia

This is the biggest encyclopedia for both, collegers and teachers. This is an endless source of information, where teachers get material with the aim to get ready for lessons. Students also appreciate this resource due to an awful lot of useful information which is stored there. For that reason, if you are getting ready for classes, you can use Wiki as the basic source of information.

3. LessonCast

The prime objective of this website is to cater to the needs of teachers mostly, but students will also appreciate it. This is an amazing resource, comprising a variety of lesson ideas. Teachers from all over the globe share their lesson ideas with each other. If you lack inspiration and haven’t the foggiest idea how to impress the core audience,
LessonCast will inspire you!

Students, who wish to become teachers in the future and receive the first practical skills, will find lots of useful ideas here.

4. SchoolTube

Have you ever heard of this resource? It is very similar to YouTube, but this portal is for students mostly. This is a perfect place where students share personal creations with each other. SchoolTube is controlled by well-known education associations, who control the content and allow students to post educational or practical videos.

Teachers are constant guests here too because this is an ideal platform where they can keep a check on the performance of their students.

5. FlashCard Machine

This is another free resource, developed for the needs of academicians. Users of this portal can create on-screen flashcards with the aim to test their knowledge of foreign languages, mathematics, biology, etc. This website has a huge database of different flashcards: some of them are already created and you just need to download them. If necessary, you can create your own flashcards, basing on the theme.

This website is a helping hand for teachers who get ready for their lectures and for students, who can’t remember the material (flashcards can really help them).

6. Glogster EDU

This is a relatively new resource but it is not free (there is a free version but it is limited in functionality). The price for membership is $99 per year.

The overarching goal of this web platform is to give users an opportunity to create posters or web pages. Commonly, they comprise audio/video, texts, graphics, photos, etc. Having created a “glog”, a student can use it for homework assignments, future reports, etc.

Teachers also use this resource in order to vary their lessons and make them even more interesting. Glogster improves the visual interest and encourages activity during classes.

7. Edmodo

This is a popular social networking website, developed for the collegiate needs. Otherwise stated, this is an absolutely safe environment where students and teachers communicate with each other. Students can see the due dates of some tasks, read new guidelines regarding one or another assignment, share ideas, etc.

This is a great platform where students can organize all their assignments and monitor the academic news. Teachers consider this platform to be a perfect place where they can make urgent announcements or talk to their colleagues.

We have reviewed the most useful resources, allowing you to enhance productivity and monitor your academic news. Today, there are lots of resources, enabling you to get ready for one or another task. You just need to have a strong desire to study and select necessary platforms wisely.

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